Looking Ahead with Sheep

We had considered leaving or removing certain crossbred ewes in the Katahdin flock for upgrading. They had St Croix and/or miniscule amounts of Barbados and Black Hawaiian in their backgrounds. Many registered Katahdin breeders won't touch anything with Barbados in it with a 500ft pole. These ewes with backgrounds like this will stay in the … Continue reading Looking Ahead with Sheep

It’s Been a Week….but….LAMBS!

2/2/21 Finally a week later we have another set of lambs! At 7:30pm First Timer, Registered St Croix, Gillie, had a 7lb ram lamb and 5lb ewe lamb out of Registered St Croix, Dasher. (Yay for more purebred St Croix!) She scattered them across the barn and decided she hated the little girl. She gets … Continue reading It’s Been a Week….but….LAMBS!