More Babies!

Several mamas have had babies this last week! We are now up to 23 lambs total out of 13 ewes so are at 177% lambing. Of those, 2 St Croix ewes had singles, 1 crossbred ewe had twins out of a Dorper ram, 1 Katahdin ewe bred to our little guy, Crichton, had twins, and the rest have all been Katahdin or Katahdin cross ewes bred to Chief (all had twins but one). We have 7 ewes left to lamb. 4 St Croix, 2 Katahdin, 1 Katahdin Cross.

Wed 2/9/22

75% Recorded Katahdin ewe, Colby finally gave us a ewe lamb! She’s 13lbs!!! Her little brother is 9lbs. These are out of Registered Katahdin ram, Chief. She only has half an udder, which I expected, so will start supplementing the little guy after he’s had some colostrum. Last year she raised twins but one just didn’t thrive. I want the ewe lamb to get the most from the ewe so will make the boy a pet wether to keep with ewe lambs, rams, etc. Whoever needs company.
UPDATE: We’ve been keeping her in the medical pen with extra feed and so far the lambs are doing great on one side. No bottle necessary!

Thurs 2/10/22
Late Morning

Registered Katahdin ewe, Panda, had a 13lb ewe lamb out of Registered Katahdin ram, Chief. Huge girl! She has a big brown spot on her right ear and neck. Some other spots here and there too.

Sun 2/13/22

Upgraded Registered Katahdin (89.0625% Katahdin/4.6875% St Croix/3.125% Dorper/1.5625% Barbados/1.5625% Black Hawaiian) ewe, Ginger, had an 11lb ram lamb and a 10lb ewe lamb out of Registered Katahdin ram, Chief. They were tangled coming out so I had to pull the ram lamb. Ewe lamb came out unassisted soon after. All are doing great!

Mon 2/14/22
Early Morning

Recorded Katahdin ewe, Sprite (50/50 Katahdin/St Croix) had a 12lb ram and 8lb ewe lamb out of Black headed Dorper ram, Magnum. Makes these babies 50% Dorper/25% Katahdin/25% St Croix.

Mon 2/14/22

1st time mama! 50% Recorded Katahdin (though 100% in truth) ewe, Satin, had a 9lb Sable ewe lamb and an 8lb black/white ram lamb out of Registered Katahdin ram, Chief.

Wed 2/16/22
Early Morning

Registered Katahdin ewe, Sugar, had a 13.5lb ram lamb and an 11lb ewe lamb out of Registered Katahdin ram, Chief. Huge babies! Unassisted!

I also did a video on YouTube about how we jug the ewes/babies:

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