Weaning Lambs & Planting Flowers

April Showers (and now May Showers too) bring on May Flowers so they say! I think we’ve had all of 3 days without rain so far in May with the forecast looking a little glum still. We should be about 10 degrees higher on average for this time of year! Makes it hard to plant with frost warnings in May!

(Pictured are the pregnant veteran and yearling ewes due in June, out on new grass Sunday)

Sheep Adventures

This is a purebred St Croix ewe lamb. She loves to eat out of this same hay feeder every night. She gets her head stuck in this same hay feeder every day. Every morning I have to go down and rescue her from her predicament. Damn sheep! hahaha. Of course she stopped doing this after I took her photo!

Weaning has happened! Weight ranges and prices have been added to the Market Stock Available page. New pictures have not been taken yet. There are 8 Katahdin and high percentage Katahdin cross wethers available. Anything not sold by mid-June will be taken to auction along with the cull ewes. We may have a small handful of wethers available mid Sept from the late June/early July lambing. Beyond that, you’ll have to wait until early April 2023!

Chicken Coop News

Shane has put up walls on the rest of the chicken coop! The chicks are growing fast so it can’t come soon enough!

A few YouTube videos from Shane:

Garden Anxiety

This weather is crazy as I already mentioned. I bought Tomatoes a couple weeks ago and they sit on the patio near the house to keep them protected. Their raised bed needs a little more dirt added and mixed with the old dirt and they can go out. But not with upper 30’s for lows that could easily dip lower than the weather station that forecasts for us says! I have them and the Marigolds just hanging out and waiting. At least the hanging baskets are looking good and the old tub on the porch as well. I’m less worried about flowers biting the dust to the weather than my vegetables!

Woods Walks

Sunday, Shane and I took a quick walk to the woods.

Other News

Morganna was able to spend Tuesday through Friday at Outdoor School! She had so much fun! I was glad she got to go as I have tons of fond memories of my time doing it. She even rode a horse!

Shane got Morganna’s swing made on Saturday so she is one happy camper!!

Wise Woman Musings

If you’re interested in seeing the full moon crystal healing grid or intuitive reading, please go to the Crystal Caves Wise Woman website and see the Full Flower Moon & Lunar Eclipse post!

Next blog post will be Sunday, May 22nd!
See you then!

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