Hunting Easter Bunn… Eggs I mean…

This week has been truly quieter than any other. Amy has succumbed fully to Morganna's "pestilence" but is slowly getting better, hence no woods walk again this week, or gardening. The weather has warmed back into the 50's, but still mostly rain. Easter Sunday looks like the nicest day of the week!

They’re Hee-eere!

What a busy week it's been!! This week we had some new additions to the homestead, ewes & lambs rotated pastures, we had a couple of warm sunny days amid several cold/wet ones. We tend to do outdoor stuff on those nice days and indoor stuff on the wet ones, at least I do! Some new books came in the mail and as always I have a Crystal Grid and Intuitive Guidance at the end. I included a small exercise for everyone to try this time too. All you need is a pencil, piece of paper, and about 5 minutes to think about the question. I welcome feedback of course! Amy Wheeler Ranch Manager