Homestead Happenings 1/28/23

Happy Imbolc! This is the Celtic celebration that spring is on it's way while winter is phasing out. Shane and I made pancakes and eggs for breakfast, I'll be cleaning up the kitchen and making a Blackberry Cobbler later this morning/afternoon, and for dinner I'm making a Shepherd's pie from a recipe found in the Outlander cookbook using ground lamb Shane's brother gave to him. It's good to see if we like it before filling our freezer full of it I guess haha. We also had a great woods walk last week. Enjoy! Amy

Homestead Happenings 11/16/22

Last Saturday the farm truck broke down in a, fortunately, cheap fix. The Alternator belt spaghettified and the main serpentine belt was extremely cracked upon inspection. Shane fixed it Sunday so we were able to take some sheep to the auction. Beyond that excitement, there are some other fun updates in the blog today as well! Enjoy! Amy