Looking Ahead with Sheep

We had considered leaving or removing certain crossbred ewes in the Katahdin flock for upgrading. They had St Croix and/or miniscule amounts of Barbados and Black Hawaiian in their backgrounds. Many registered Katahdin breeders won’t touch anything with Barbados in it with a 500ft pole. These ewes with backgrounds like this will stay in the Katahdin flock but I will be very transparent which ones they are. I will probably not register any ram lambs out of these, but ewe lambs still have that potential.

We still plan to increase our Registered St Croix flock as we go due to so many orders of ewe lambs!

Our Registered St Croix ram, Luke will have 8 Registered St Croix ewes this year. Registered Katahdin ram, Chief, will have 5 Registered Katahdin, 4 Recorded Katahdin ewes, and 2 Unpapered Katahdin ewes. Recorded Katahdin ram, Crichton gets a couple Registered Katahdin ewes to make higher percentage upgraded babies in our Recorded Katahdin group.

Crichton’s mother, Colby, has never given us ewe lambs so he will be kept for breeding a couple Registered ewes to try to keep her bloodline alive in the flock. She will be bred to Chief to HOPEFULLY get a ewe lamb from her.

(Pictured is Colby this past February having Crichton and his brother.)

Registered St Croix ewe lambs already have a waiting list, and I plan to keep a lot to build the flock too. We will probably have a Registered St Croix ram lamb availabile in that flock though.

The Katahdin Flock may have one ram lamb kept intact in each the Registered and Recorded offspring, but we will be keeping several ewe lambs as replacements. We will possibly be selling 3 adult non-papered Katahdin ewes from this flock next year as well.

It looks like we will have lots of market lambs, a few ram lambs, and very few ewe lambs next year! Please go to the Contact link to get your name on the waiting list for next year!

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