Breeding Has Begun…and Pumpkins?

(Pictured above: Titus with some of his ewes out to pasture)

Titus and Leroy, Happy Boys

I got up early to beat the heat and sort the sheep for breeding to start! The 2 cull ewes with bad udders went in with the lamb flock so they don’t get bred. The moms with babies got almost 6 month old St Croix ram lamb, Leroy, in with them so he doesn’t hurt the babies and I can keep those ewes out of the pastures where the coyotes tend to roam. The rest of the flock, both keepers and for sale, are getting bred to 1.5 year old St Croix ram, Titus. If you are interested in bred ewes, they will be available after August 26th and there will be Registered St Croix and Commercial Katahdin available. I have added a $25 ram exposure fee to each ewe as well.

Colby was very unhappy with me for splitting her off from the main flock and sticking her in with the February lambs for breeding season. I put her and Giselle in there since they have bad udders and don’t need to be having lambs. They’ll be heading to auction this fall. As you can see, Titus grew into a really nice St Croix ram! At 1.5 years old he should do some more filling out too. The 5.5 month old ram, Leroy, looks pretty nice (his father was Luke, the black/white ram we had last year, on the St Croix Past page, and mother is Gilroy, who we have on the St Croix Available Page). The 2 ram lambs that are out in the mom/baby group took exception to him though! They were mounting and butting him all morning while he just ignored them.

Chicken Updates

Shane took a bunch of photos of the Swedish Flower Chickens so I made a slideshow of them on the Our Poultry Page. Go check them out! The last two pictures of the slideshow have the tiny little chick that we don’t know what she might be!

Pumpkin Volunteers

Last winter we put the old Halloween pumpkins out for the sheep to eat when we were finished with them. These weren’t carved pumpkins, but whole ones. We had white, warty, blue, and regular ones out there. Well the seeds sprouted and the animals won’t eat them so we may get more pumpkins out there! Thinking about putting some T-Posts in the ground and surrounding them with cattle panels to see how they do.

Yard & Garden

In case you missed it, I did an early blog post about the yard fence and the raised beds. You can see it here:
Yard & Garden News

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