We’re located in Molalla, Oregon in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Our farm is a century old now, being built in 1917 although the original barn & outbuildings were built in the 1890’s. It used to be a draft horse stud farm and a stage stop on an old wagon road from Oregon City to Silverton.
Our family (Mautz) bought the homestead in 1937 and added on to the house, making it a 2 story, 4 bedroom home with an indoor bathroom!!
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BREEDING HAS BEGUN! Sept 6th – Oct 20th. Lambs will be born starting after Jan 31st, 2022 and weaning will be due to happen May 15th, 2022. Get on the list now for lambs! We have more Registered St Croix ewes being bred this year (10 versus the 6 last year) so hopefully we will be able to fill more lamb orders! In fact we will have 4-5 more Registered St Croix ewes in the flock for the 2022 breeding for a total of 14-15 ewes! I did my best to try and increase the flock numbers with the interest in St Croix earlier this year!

We were able to buy back a small flock of Registered St Croix sheep sold last summer so our numbers of available St Croix offspring will go up this year some. The ram and ram lamb will probably be up for sale after they hang out in quarantine a minute after getting here. There will be a blog post about them all soon.

We are down to only the Market Lambs for sale! If you are looking for 50-80lb market lambs, we have a few left!

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