We’re located in Molalla, Oregon in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Our farm is a century old now, being built in 1917 although the original barn & outbuildings were built in the 1890’s. It used to be a draft horse stud farm and a stage stop on an old wagon road from Oregon City to Silverton.
Our family (Mautz) bought the homestead in 1937 and added on to the house, making it a 2 story, 4 bedroom home with an indoor bathroom!!
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Lambing season has been successful in that we only lost one lamb and no ewes, but on the other hand, I was unable to fill orders for St Croix ewe lambs! The flock decided to give me predominantly ram lambs this year! We were able to get several ewe lambs in the Katahdin flock so many will be kept as replacement ewes (or be evaluated for the job over the summer anyway). We are down to only 4 market wethers left so if you want some meat lambs, please contact us HERE.

In other news, we have 3, March born, triplet, Registered St Croix ewe lambs coming to the flock mid to late July. This should help us get more Ewe lambs to sell in 2023! Also coming soon is a 5 year old Registered Katahdin ewe. Always love when we get new blood in the flock! All animals are from tested flocks too so we can keep up the biosecurity easier.

2021 Breeding Season will start on August 8th for lambs due starting January 2, 2022.
Our Registered St Croix ram, Luke, will have 8 Registered St Croix ewes in his group.
Registered Katahdin ram, Chief, will have 5 Registered Katahdin ewes, 4 Recorded Katahdin ewes and 2 Un-papered Katahdin ewes (all in the upgrading program).
We may also try our hand at a 6 month old Recorded Katahdin ram breeding 2 Registered Katahdin ewes for the upgrading program too. His mother loves throwing ram lambs (never given us ewe lambs) and she is one of our favorites!

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They’re Amost Gone!

Still available, then no more meat lambs or breeding stock until 2022!: 2 purebred St Croix wethers in the 45-50lb range, $100 each. 1 crossbred (mostly Katahdin) wether 40-45lb range, $95. 1 crossbred (mostly Katahdin) wether 55-60lb range, $135 Follow our blog!

Woods Walk 5/24/21

Went for a quick trip down to the creek today and saw some flowers as well as the Japanese Knotweed that grows a foot a day I swear! Horrible stuff! Some cool larger agates and petrified wood from the creek today!