It’s Been a Week….but….LAMBS!


Finally a week later we have another set of lambs! At 7:30pm First Timer, Registered St Croix, Gillie, had a 7lb ram lamb and 5lb ewe lamb out of Registered St Croix, Dasher. (Yay for more purebred St Croix!) She scattered them across the barn and decided she hated the little girl. She gets tied up so the baby can nurse. She will learn I refuse to have bottle babies when the perfectly healthy mama can feed it.

UPDATE: Overnight she decided she could be her mom too. That was a LONG night!

While I was dealing with holding that mom to make sure the baby got a good first drink, this next one was in labor and bleating at the top of her lungs!

First timer, Commercial crossbred ewe, Cicely, had a 10lb ram lamb that I needed to help her with. He was a little bigger than she could handle. Sire is either Registered Katahdin rams Chief or Big Red. There was a mix up during the fires in September.
He is 77.34375% Katahdin/14.84375% St Croix/8.59375% Dorper/0.78125% Barbados/0.78125% Black Hawaiian

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