Homestead Happenings 11/16/22

Pictured: Sunrise November 11th, taken by Shane.


I made a few calendars of pictures from the farm on a cool wood grain background. They turned out really cute I think! If you want to order them, I have 10 for sale for $18 plus shipping (if you live close to me and can meet me though, no shipping!). If I get these sold before Thanksgiving I will order more at a discounted price again but the price might be closer to $20 plus shipping. Once the sales are over the price jumps up to $30 plus shipping! Hard to believe how expensive calendars are now days! Here is a Screenshot I took of the front cover. (If anyone knows of a cheaper way to make calendars, please send me a message down at the bottom of the page!)

Sheep Adventures

Morganna had an in-service day at school on Monday so she was able to keep me company driving just over an hour away to the auction yard and back. It’s such a long drive in an old truck where the radio barely works. Nice to have someone to talk to, even if I don’t understand half of what she’s into! We took the 3 adult cull ewes, 2 Feb ewe lambs, 1 Feb wether lamb and 2 Feb ram lambs to the auction. So nice to have them gone and not feeding them! In a couple weeks Morganna and I are going to tackle cleaning the sort pens and setting up the barn for lambing season. It’s coming up surprisingly fast!! December 23rd is day 147, or the due date. It will be good to just have the barn all ready early so we can focus on Christmas in December. We just started feeding alfalfa on the 8th and are going through about 9 flakes a day right now out of the big 100lb bales. We’re figuring about 5 sheep per flake (though we round up if the numbers aren’t right on) right now for another week. I’m getting excited for babies!

Chicken News

Shane took some more pictures of the varied Swedish Flower Chickens. We are hoping to have babies or fertilized eggs for sale next year. Finger’s crossed!

The Roosters:

The Hens:

Garden Updates

Today I think it’s time to clean up the summer veggie garden and plant some winter crops or mulch. These mid 20s at night have melted the plants! The Kale still looks good as do the carrots and some of the onions. Peas need to be picked over and see if they have any blooms left. May rip them out too.

Kitten Hijinks

Briar decided she was a mouser the other day on the back porch. We have lots of bags of chicken feed hanging out in there so the mice have been crazy! The mouse traps catch 2 per day it seems! The next day she caught one in the house! Good Kitty!

Woods Walk

Sunday I inadvertently took a woods walk when I had to go find Shane as my farm truck had broken down. I did see a couple mushrooms on my walk and the creek was running pretty good again. I wasn’t down there to explore, however, so pictures are limited.

We did collect the trailcam card and had some great footage of the buck deer and a raccoon though. Keep in mind the dates and times are still off on these. I set it correctly for the next round of videos! Please subscribe to the YouTube channel and go through the other trail cam videos on the playlist!

Next blog post will be for the New Moon on Wednesday, November 23.
See you then!

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