Homestead Happenings 11/8/22

Pictured: The last vestiges of summer with a Nicotiana blooming before it freezes tonight.

Sheep Adventures

With the weather turning really cold and really wet, the sheep weren’t going out to pasture very much the last couple days so we shut down the pastures a day early. Sunday morning I got soaked sorting and worming all the sheep groups who had been outside in the driving rain/snow mix. All the cull animals are locked in the barn getting fattened up for the sale on the 14th. The 4 meat wethers went in with the 2 rams, 2 llamas and horse for the time being until they meet their end. All 14 of the “keeper” February and June/July ewe lambs are in their own area now until next spring when we can assess if they truly get to stay or not. The 18 pregnant ewes are in the rear and front barnyards with access to the main barn, which also got cleaned by Shane and I on Sunday. It was a really dirty, wet, cold day for us that day!

Pictured is the main sheep area all cleaned and strawed for the ewes to come in:

Chicken/Egg News

Shane went out and took some pictures of his chickens last weekend during a break in the weather.

One thing we’ve been noticing in trying to hard boil the farm fresh eggs, is to avoid using the green or blue ones. For whatever reason, no tip or trick works on making them easy to peel. Best to use them for fried/scrambled/baking eggs. I notice when I crack them to put in the pan the inner skin under the shell is really tough on some of them. The brown ones crack and work out just like they should!

We’re still getting plenty of medium size eggs and just a few smalls and large. Some chickens are slowing down it seems. We are selling dozen size cartons of eggs now instead of the 18 packs we were doing.

Pictured is one of the last 18 packs of Medium size eggs before winter. So pretty!

Garden Updates

I picked a bunch of tomatoes that weren’t split before we got much colder temps. I’ll probably go out and see what else is out there and feed the chickens some of the overripe peas. I might trim back the Kale a bit and feed that to them too. They will love me! Something I’ve noticed. Black Krim tomatoes will split if only a drop of water hits them whereas the Super Fantastic and the Lemon Boy haven’t split at all. The Sweet Million tomatoes are pretty well split though too. I’m afraid the less hardy specimens in the garden are going to get hit with frost pretty hard tonight. Temps are supposed to be in the upper 20’s tonight.

Last weekend I trimmed back and put garbage bags on the fuschia hanging baskets and set them in styrofoam boxes on the porch next to the house. They seem to do pretty well that way. The bags keep their moisture in and the boxes insulate their roots. I’ll go through and move any delicate perennials up against the house today as well. I’ll let the stuff that never winters just go. Not going to make a huge effort on them. We have so many potted plants on the porch that are in kiddie pools. I need to try and get them taken out and the pools put in storage today too. Fun times!

Pictured are the fuschia baskets in their boxes.

Nature Musings

I’ve had a cold since last Thursday so just haven’t felt up to walking in the woods. The weather has also been cold with rain/snow mix pouring down so not fun for hanging out in nature. Starting today the weather looks to be rain free and just really cold at night so might head down later in the week. Shane was brave and took a brief walk down there though last weekend. He saw a tree with buck deer rubbings and this Oregon Rain Beetle kept buzzing him.

Crystal Caves Wise Woman

If you’re interested in seeing the November crystal grid, the Samhain crystal grid, or any of the readings lately, please head on over to the Crystal Caves Wise Woman Facebook Page or the Crystal Caves Wise Woman Instagram!

Next blog will be on Wednesday, November 16th for the Last Quarter Moon!
See you then!

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