Homestead Happenings 11/16/22

Last Saturday the farm truck broke down in a, fortunately, cheap fix. The Alternator belt spaghettified and the main serpentine belt was extremely cracked upon inspection. Shane fixed it Sunday so we were able to take some sheep to the auction. Beyond that excitement, there are some other fun updates in the blog today as well! Enjoy! Amy

Halloween, the Most Wonderful Day of the Year!

I have always loved Halloween! The dressing up, the spookiness, the weather (even when it rains). My daughter creates her own character based on her own creations that she animates on YouTube, and I am going to dress as Eddie Munson from Stranger Things with my Hellfire Club t-shirt. Rock on! This week we are starting to button down the sheep that are going, some chicken news, we cooked new-to-us food out of the garden, and a few other things. Enjoy the blog! Amy...