Homestead Happenings 11/23/22

Pictured: Check out this ‘fogbow’ this morning!

More info about them:


I made a few calendars of pictures from the farm on a cool wood grain background. They turned out really cute I think! They arrived tonight!!!

If you want to order them, I have 10 for sale for $18 plus shipping (if you live close to me and can meet me though, no shipping!). Once these are sold, that will be it for this year! Hard to believe how expensive calendars are now days (and I got these 10 on sale!). If anyone knows of a cheaper way to make calendars, please send me a message down at the bottom of the page!)

Sheep Adventures

The market for sheep was still in the dumps. We didn’t make squat on the lambs. The best seller was the big fat Katahdin ewe for $138 and some change. The skinny St Croix ewes brought $85 each and the runty bottle wether brought $17.50. The lambs went for just over $70 each at $1.25/lb. That is just insane how low they were. Next year culls and meat lambs will be out of here before July if not much sooner!

Positive news – Pregnant ewes are due in a month! I know of 4, 2 year old, Registered St Croix ewes that we will be selling next Spring. Nothing is wrong with them, just trimming back our numbers. This winter will be the first lambing for all but one of these. It’s looking like their availability will be after May 1st. Send me an email if you’re interested in being on the list for these or Registered St Croix or Commercial St Croix/Katahdin cross lambs (lambs will be ready in April).

Chicken News

Look at the size of this egg! When you consider a Jumbo egg at the grocery store runs between 2.50 and 2.74 ounces this thing is massive. Yes it was a double yolker and delicious too!

Garden Updates

Over the weekend I cleaned up the dead plants in the veggie garden and prepped the raised beds for the winter. Mazey the cat helped me of course.

Please check out this video I made regarding what all happened with the raised beds and our plans for the spring:

Wildlife Viewing

Look what we saw on the Trailcam Saturday when we brought the card in! The Bobcat came during daylight hours so we could see just how gorgeous he is! We had some cute Spike Buck action too. Please Subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Wise Woman Musings

Don’t forget to head on over the Crystal Caves Wise Woman on Facebook or Instagram to see the latest reading for the New Moon today!

As always I appreciate all the likes, follows, and subscribes from everyone as well! You’ll find links below to all of the Hollow Hills Ranch and Crystal Caves Wise Woman Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube channels. Please be sure to follow my blog down there as well!

Next blog post will be for the First Quarter Moon, Wednesday, November 30th.
See you then!

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