Seasonal Check-in: Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is the second harvest festival for the Ancient Celtic peoples. Lughnasad in August being the first, Samhain in November being the last. This is the time of year for Apples and many summer garden plants such as Pumpkins, Squash, etc are ready for harvest.

Here on the Homestead, Spring was very cold and many plants didn’t even get put in the ground until late June so harvest times are a little out of whack. We are still harvesting Tomatoes, Zucchini and Cucumber like crazy, but some of the Tomatoes and Pumpkins are very green on the stem yet. Fingers are crossed they get harvested before the first frost which could be here in October! Fall veggie gardens are started and will continue through the Autumn season as well. The rains should begin soon too, greening everything back up! Hurray for less watering!

There will be some new layers coming online in Dorothy the Chicken Coop as the Swedish Flower Hens and Light Brahma become mature enough to start laying. Light Brahma chickens actually are winter layers. They start in October and continue on until May. I imagine several of our other hens will continue laying for a while as well, though we do expect a few to molt as daylight keeps getting shorter.

As to the sheep, breeding finished during the Lughnasad season so this is the season of Maternity for the bred ewes. They will continue to rotate pastures up until Samhain (The Ancient Celtic beginning of Winter) near the beginning of November.
The woods walks hold the potential for mushrooms to come along with the rains of fall. Fingers crossed we actually get some this time! Also with the rains the creek will start to flow again and new agates, jaspers, and petrified wood pieces may wash onto some of the beaches down there.

Have a great Autumn season everyone!

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