Late Season Nice Weather

(Pictured: Velvet Queen Sunflowers and Dorothy the Chicken Coop in the distance)

Woods Walk

Shane and I took a quick trip down to the woods and creek on Friday to retrieve the trail cam card. Found a few agates in the creek gravel and saw a Wooly Bear Caterpillar.

Garden Wildlife and Harvests

While watering the patio plants, I found a couple different tree frogs sitting on leaves. One was SO TINY!

Shane took these great photos of the Velvet Queen Sunflowers with Honey Bees:

On Saturday I decided to go harvest from the garden (after being kinda lazy about it lately with all the school activities I had to help with) There were SO MANY cherry tomatoes. Rather insane almost! Found a couple nice cucumbers, a good size zucchini and picked some greener tomatoes to ripen in the house.

Chicken News

The other day we decided Frost, the Light Brahma jerk of a rooster, would become dinner. It’s been since childhood that I was involved in butchering chickens, whereas Shane and Morgan had never done it. I at least knew the basics so had us fairly well set up for the ordeal. Still a pain in the butt so we will make some changes for future processing. Morgan wanted to be right there involved from start to finish though which I was very happy for. Proud of her!

For such a big fluffy bird, he sure looked small once he was plucked! We cooked him in the Instant Pot, something I had never used before. Needless to say I think I overcooked him and he was fairly awful! We’ll do things different in this way too.

Sheep Sales

Thursday night the two Registered St Croix ewes we had for sale left for Arizona! Then Saturday someone bought the commercial St Croix Ram. We are officially sold out of breeding stock until April 2023!

The cull ewes, ewe lambs, and ram lambs are set to go to the auction in late October. It will be nice to be down to what we can handle before the pasture lock-down!

Next blog post will be Sunday, Oct 2nd. See you then!!

One thought on “Late Season Nice Weather

  1. Hi! We’ve cooked quite a few culled roosters and the best method we’ve discovered it to let it age in the fridge for 3-5 days, then break it down into pieces. Season with salt and spices, then put into the crockpot with some liquid. Four hours on low seems to do the trick. You can shred the meat. We like this “Latin American style” served over rice with some of the juice from the crockpot. Just thought I’d share our results from a lot of trial and error!

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