We Survived the Power Shutdown

Pictured: Full Moon in the haze of smoke from wildfires being blown in our area. Looked like a bloody moon!

This is the view we woke up to Saturday the 10th. A stark reminder of the fires of 2020, though much milder. Still smells a bit like a campfire, or as my daughter said, a BBQ. Sleep was a bit hard to come by as I’m sure the memories of 2020 were still there niggling at the back of my mind, and when the generator went off and all is just TOO quiet, it felt unnatural. Fortunately our power was restored late Saturday night.

Molalla Log House

In news I forgot to mention in the last blog, I walked around with a couple historians and an archaeologist. I accompanied them around our property, keeping them out of trouble (I was armed for cougar, cuz wouldn’t that just be great).

Now it looks like they will be getting permits to dig on our place looking for artifacts to go along with the Molalla Log House they found a few years back just up the road. Kinda cool really. I’m eager to see what they might find actually.

Here is the brief story done about it:
The Unsolved Mystery of the Oldest Standing Structure in Oregon

Woods Walks

On Saturday the 10th Shane, Morganna and I went for a walk to the woods for a bit. The heavy smoke in the sky was keeping the temps actually cool compared to the 82 my phone said it was.

On Friday the 16th, Shane and I went for a quick walk to get the trail cam footage and look for a few rocks in the somewhat dried up creek. These are mostly Agates but there are a couple Jaspers and Petrified Wood in there.

Garden/Kitchen Updates

Remember those 2 Zucchini I showed in the last blog? I grated those this week and was able to store 5 cups grated in the freezer and make a Chocolate Chip Zucchini bread (click the link for the recipe!).

The Cherry tomatoes are going gangbusters right now and we have some more Zucchini coming on board. Found some new recipes to try! 59 Best Zucchini Recipes (I included this link as well!)

Earlier in the week I decided to take some more pictures of the garden, including the poor Kale!

On Friday the 16th I harvested all these tomatoes and cucumbers!

Chicken News

Shane made a cute video of his chickens mobbing him for grubs:

It’s fun seeing which of the Swedish Flower chickens are starting to crow and who we may need to get rid of or ones we are hoping to keep. I took some new pictures of the black Swedish Flower roos that we have for sale. They’re really getting some beautiful long tail feathers!
More info can be found on the Birds/Eggs Available page.

A couple more pictures of the many colors the Swedish Flower chickens come in. These are potential keeper Roosters:

First Brahma Egg today!

Sheep Adventures

Saturday the 10th, as we mentioned last week, was weaning day for the summer lambs and the end of breeding season. This week has been checking udders on the mom ewes to make sure they dry up with no issues while the lambs get to eat lots of grains and hay to give them a head start to being out to pasture with the February lambs. The rams spent a couple days locked in a 12×12 pen to work out their differences (and are now out to pasture) while the now bred ewes and February lambs both got new pastures as well. Once the mom ewes are dried off they will end up out with the other ewes to hopefully put on some weight before the pasture lock-down in November. Things are getting where I want them!

Next blog will be Sunday, Sept 25th.
See you then!!

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