Times are Changing

(Pictured: Red Sky at Morning, Sailor Take Warning – sunrise before the weather actually became Autumn. No more 70’s or higher, we hit upper 50’s for highs after this picture was taken)

Sheep News

Monday we brought in the February lambs to check for worms and to sort out who might need some extra feed or who may be heading to the auction soon. Pastures are rotating today so it was a good time to bring them in for the night and do work with them before they head out to their last rotation before the pasture shutdown in 2 weeks. Earlier this morning I brought in the February ram lambs and Titus for some TLC. They’ll stay in for a couple weeks as I need their current area for the Feb lambs to hang out in for shelter while they get their last pasture rotation.

Chicken Adventures

Sunday, Shane and I butchered 10 of the Swedish Flower Roosters. They had wonderful leg quarters though smaller breasts. I found a way to cook the leg quarters in the instant pot. Looking forward to trying this soon! In the mean-time we had tons to package up and freeze!

It’s so much quieter out in the Orchard right now. The hens are also breathing a sigh of relief as they aren’t being hounded by the gang of roosters constantly.

Garden Updates

Not much to report other than the rains have done in several tomatoes. Still several things producing out there though. No frost yet so fingers crossed we keep getting a few things!

Woods Walk

Shane and I went for a walk in the woods on Monday the 17th in some of the last beautiful weather before the change came along. I was fascinated with the trees and took SO MANY pictures of them. I put them in a slideshow so it didn’t take 10 years to load for you!

Wildlife Viewing via Trailcam

The bobcat came back for another visit in front of our trailcam! Also had several deer, squirrels, etc. In fact those squirrels knocked the camera askew for a few videos. Oh and the times/dates are off because we forgot to change the time/date when we replaced batteries.

Wise Woman Musings

If you are interested in the intuitive guidance for the New Moon this week, please visit the Crystal Caves Wise Woman Facebook Page or Instagram to see it!

Next blog will be Monday, October 31st for the First Quarter Moon (and Halloween!!).
See you then!

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