When Life Gives You Kittens….

(Pictured: Waning Gibbous Moon coming up from behind Mt Hood)

Kitties OH My!

First, I’m upstairs, saying goodnight to my daughter when I hear my mom say to hurry back because Freya caught a mouse and brought it to her lap. This seemed like a joke at first because our fat house cats are terrible mousers. Sure enough, I go downstairs and find Freya with a LIVE mouse on mom’s lap!! I took it outside and gave it to Mazey kitty who made short work of it. I almost felt bad.

Then later the kitten, Briar Rose, decides to go climbing. Such a turd! Briar was rescued as a baby dumped along the road not far from here. The lady who found her couldn’t keep her so I gave her a home here for Shane since he lost Magic. She turned out to be more my cat than his but she’s quite the fearless character. There’s almost no chill in this cat. She goes non-stop.

Sheep Updates

About the only thing to report is that we weighed the March ram lambs for market. They weighed between 55-59lbs so we decided on $145 each. I still have a huge Katahdin cull ewe with a bad udder too. She’d make a great pasture ornament for only $100 (or you could breed her and let her lamb knowing you have to pull one and bottle feed it).

Chicken and Egg News

We got inundated with eggs this last week but looks like a bunch got sold later today thankfully. I took some pictures of those beautiful eggs before they left though!

Garden Jungle Adventures

The tomatoes are going crazy right now, as are the snow peas! I’ve been giving them away whenever I can haha.

This reminds me. I’d always heard canning on a glass top stove was challenging due to possible breaking of the surface. I did some research and found out I just need flat bottom pots for water bath and juicing! Our old GraniteWear won’t work because the bottoms are ridged. A new set costs about the same as buying a new range with coil burners. Decisions decisions! But at least it’s good to know! We’ve been avoiding canning for far too long. Now to afford building shelving in the pantry and furnace room!

Wildlife Sightings

Check out this Rubber Boa I found in our driveway Sat night! It was almost 2 feet long! I picked it up and put it in the orchard near the garden. Hopefully it eats some voles out there!

Sky Images

On Tuesday night the full moon was coming up behind Mt Hood as you can see in the picture above. I was also able to take a couple other star pictures with my phone, though the quality is rough.

Next blog post will be Tuesday, October 25th.
See you then!

One thought on “When Life Gives You Kittens….

  1. looks like you have at least one good mouser Amy. We have two rescues (an orange tabby and a black cat named Jinx) who are both good ratters as we have more rats than mice!

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