The Bane of Summer Heat Waves

Pictured: One of the St Croix babies enjoying some shade in the hollowed out, and very old, Tamarisk shrub.

Summer Lambing

More babies were born this past week! These first two are older ewes and they had a little trouble. All seem to be doing okay now though.

Marty told me through my open window at 1:30am on the 21st that she was having lambs. I gave it some time and waited for Shane to get home from work before heading out there. Once we arrived I see her laying down, with 2 little black and white babies. As I walk around her I notice another baby still in the birth sac half in and half out of her. She was so tired she didn’t stand up to expel the baby and it suffocated in the sac. She would have had triplet girls! I tried to save it but it was already gone.

6/21/22 – 2:30am – Registered St Croix ewe, Marty, had 8, 7, and 7lb triplet ewe lambs, unfortunately the white ewe suffocated before I got down there. These are out of Registered St Croix Ram, Titus.

Leggings decided to go into labor later that evening and she INSISTED that it had to be out front of the barn near the road in total darkness. I gave her time to do it on her own when I realized she wasn’t making much progress. One foot was sticking out, then finally the head after she pushed and pushed and pushed. Enough time had gone by so I decided to jump in. I grabbed her by her back leg and managed to get her laid down again. I reached in and felt around but the other front leg was nowhere to be found. It was presenting like a ballerina. One foot forward and one foot back. I had to really pull and pull as his shoulders were stuck in her pelvis. I was so worried I would dislocate his poor shoulder. Finally I got him unstuck and she was able to have him the rest of the way! I didn’t wait to see if she had more lambs in her (he was huge!). I grabbed the wet baby and had her follow me into the barn where there is straw, light, and I can sit on an old cooler to watch her.

While I was sitting there, I had a “friend” visit me and scare the new barn cat half to death!

6/21/22 – 10:30pm – 9 year old Registered St Croix ewe, Leggings, had a 12lb ram lamb out of Registered St Croix Ram, Titus. I had to give her a hand with him. Unfortunately he passed away the evening of the 27th after we had scorching 95-100 degree days. He just didn’t handle it well.

Below, this all happened today during hay hauling!

7 year old registered St Croix ewe, Giselle, had 6, 7.5, 7.5lb ewe triplets out of Registered St Croix Ram, Titus. She’s a bit on the thin side so may pull one off her.

Yearling, Pending Registered, St Croix ewe, Bedazzled, had a 7lb ram lamb out of Registered St Croix Ram, Titus. Boy is she wild, but excellent mom, especially as a first timer.

Hay Hauling Season

Murphy’s Law of Hay Hauling: Hay is only ready to be hauled into an unventilated barn, or any barn for that matter, on the hottest possible day of the week. HOWEVER, we lucked out and hauled on a gorgeous 74 degree day today! I will say we got 1 ton more than last year and with all our lovely gas hikes and fertilizer hikes, it cost me over $1000 more than last year. Now you know why I have so many sheep for sale! Remember if you buy more than one sheep, I will take $50 off each animal as a quantity discount. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)

Veggie Garden

I managed to get some planting accomplished this week! It’s a very sad looking little garden, but at least it’s started! More to come in the next blog!

A couple flower pics for fun!

Woods Walk

Shane and I went for a woods walk on Wednesday the 22nd. He took all the flower pics, I took the creek one at the end of the slideshow.

Next blog post will be July 6th.
See you then!

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