Independence Day (week) on the Farm

Pictured: Fountain fireworks for the 4th of July!

Bittersweet Adventures in Sheep

What a rough week on the lamb front! Giselle, the 7 year old, blue eyed, registered St Croix ewe, who had triplets had issues. First, while still in the jug pen, the smallest lamb appeared to get laid on. That same day, Morgan and I gave shots to all the jugged mama’s and babies, I trimmed hooves, etc. Giselle had terrible feet so in reshaping her toes, I nicked one and made it bleed a little. It’s been a bit sore, but nothing serious. I moved her and her lambs into a large 12×12 pen where I also noticed her udder just wasn’t producing even enough for twins so decided to bottle feed to supplement the babies needs. One took to it right away, but the other must have been getting enough so wouldn’t take it. After a couple days of the bottle routine, I found the bottle baby limping and not doing well 3.5 hours after she was just fine. My theory is that Giselle stumbled getting up and accidentally stomped on my bottle baby, causing internal damage. She ended up dying from her injuries. Now poor Giselle has one lamb left and the family seems to be doing much better. The yearling that lambed the same day as Giselle I was able to let outside and she’s being a great mom. I can’t wait for summer lambing to be finished! One more week! Here’s a picture though of one that lambed this week:

7/5/21 early morning

Registered St Croix yearling ewe, Swecker RVR 2106, had a 5lb ewe lamb out of Registered St Croix Ram, Titus. Great mom!

Chickens, Chickens Everywhere!

The Swedish Flower chicks got moved to their new home! A room specially made for them in the coop so the older chicks can see them but not hurt them. Dorothy the coop also got a paint job to seal up the plywood until it gets siding later on. Here’s a couple videos from Shane:

Yard & Garden

Not much to report on the veggie garden front. It took a bit of a backseat to the lawn getting mowed (grass was getting dry and was becoming a fire hazard). The onions are all sprouted and looking good. Tomatoes still look pretty sad. Carrots are taking their sweet time but then the seed was pretty old. I’m trying to go through and use up the old seeds in the fridge so we’ll see what happens! The oldest in there are some Amaranth seeds from 2000!

Shane and I were finally able to make a significant dent in the lawn care this week! It’s been a long time coming for sure! He weed whacked and I followed up with the mower to bag it all. Every two feet I had to unclog the bagger and about every third unclog was time to dump. Slow going! We wanted the grass down because a) it looks way nicer, b) less of a fire hazard, and c) Morgan wanted to do fireworks out there so grass had to be short and well watered!

Woods Walk

Shane and I took a quick walk to the woods on Saturday the 2nd to retrieve the trail cam card to see what was using our trail. Absolutely nothing but wind and a moth set it off! Crazy!

Spending time with Morganna

Thursday the 30th, Morganna and I went to her school to walk the new nature trail the kids helped build. It’s a nice little walk, loved it! We also made into town to the Farmer’s Market where I bought an apron that Shane should be jealous of!

Fly Fishing the Molalla River

The morning of the 3rd, Shane and I went up the Molalla River so he could practice fishing with his new fly rod. I took pictures (of Flowers, plants, river, and Shane), took a wee nap, and listened to a couple have a minor argument hahaha.

Next blog will be Wednesday, July 13th.
See you then!

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