Titus, All-Father of Summer Lambs

Pictured: Rainbow June 19th

More sky scenery from this past week:

Lambing has begun….AGAIN!

Registered St Croix ewe, Iphigenia, started us off this summer! Left is a 9lb ram lamb and right is an 8lb ewe lamb. Will most likely keep the ewe lamb but the ram lamb we will be selling. Not sure if he’ll be registered or market though until this fall.

All the lambs being born this summer were sired by Titus, a Registered St Croix ram. Back in January I bought a small flock of Registered St Croix ewes that came with Titus to help out a friend who wanted them to go to a good home and give her some money for hay. I scrounged up the money because 2 of those ewes are colored St Croix and one has blue eyes. The other St Croix ewe is quite tame as is the 50/50 St Croix/Katahdin cross ewe that came with them. The crossbred ewe lambed in February when a Registered Dorper ram got in the pen with her. I kept her ewe lamb as a replacement ewe for the flock. New blood is new blood! These other 4 St Croix ewes have udders filling up and are ready to have babies any minute. As I mentioned in the last blog, their due date was Sunday, June 12th (day 147).

When those ewes and ram arrived here, we had no other place to put them but in with the yearling ewes. He was only in there for 2 weeks so I’m quite hopeful not all the yearlings got bred. Their due date is June 26th. I figure everything should be finished by July 13th roughly. I’m not a fan of summer lambing FYI. This is the one and only time it will be happening unless something happens and a fence goes down in the winter. I’ll be paying premium for 4 bales of straw to get me through the jug pens use, I have to buy grain as alfalfa won’t be ready until later this summer (unless I want to pay almost double), the flies are terrible this time of year, internal parasites are harder to control in warm weather. It goes on.

Other Sheep News

After realizing how much hay was going to cost me this year, I’ve decided to make some severe cuts to our Katahdin ewe flock. I have plenty of replacement ewe lambs so it’s time I let the adults go. I have them listed on the Sheep For Sale page. I even put the cull ewes on there that are suitable for folks just wanting something to eat grass too. They aren’t tame, but they will do the job.

The February lambs are doing great. I have the keeper ewe lambs and the market lambs together on pasture as it’s so big and there’s so much to eat right now. I took a video of them heading back out to eat after I called them up.

Swedish Flower Chicks and the Menagerie

The newest babies are getting more and more feathered, and are complete freaks anytime anyone walks by their brooder! The older chicks are starting to cluck like hens and there’s very little peeping anymore as you’ll hear in this latest video from Shane:

Garden Goings-On

Since I wasn’t well, the veggie garden was postponed yet again! This week the weather is supposed to be sunny and warm, hot in fact so I WILL get things planted! Here are some photos of new flowers blooming and more:

Fifteen Minute Fishing Trip

Shane and I went down to visit his family for his daughter’s graduation party on Saturday. We left a little early so he could try out his new fly fishing rod and reel at a cute park down that way. First fish was a dink but the second one was actually pretty darn nice!

Next week I hope to have more lamb photos to show you and we may get our hay in the barn this coming week too! The raised beds are my big goal later this week and maybe I’ll be able to squeeze a woods walk in. Tuesday is the official first day of summer and it’s definitely heating up weather-wise for it!

Next blog post will be Tuesday, June 28th.
See you then!

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