It rained so hard both Thursday and Friday (9th and 10th) due to an atmospheric “river” that we actually have some minor flooding. In June. I’m starting to worry our hay is going to all go to seed before it even is able to be cut! Our longest stretch of dry weather has been 2-3 days so far!

Sheep Adventures

Shane and I weighed the market lambs again Thursday the 9th. I then updated the Market Stock Available page with their new weights and prices. I also adjusted pricing on the Katahdin Available page as well. I may end up just taking them to the auction with the cull ewes just to be done with it though.

Also, the 4 older pregnant ewes are due to lamb! Sunday the 12th is day 147 for them. The yearlings due date isn’t until the 26th. Pictures will be added soon! I’m hoping the older ewes will get finished before the next blog!

Pictured are the two jug pens I set up after my daughter and I cleaned the 12×12 for them. We still have 1 bale of straw so should be good until the end of the month for lambing.

Swedish Flower Chicks

They’ve arrived! We now have 25 straight run (not sexed) Swedish Flower Chicks to add to our flock. Since they’re not sexed, many will probably be roos for eating or selling. You forget just how tiny chicks are until you get new ones again!

The Naughty Girls

This is Shane’s pet name for his flock. I know, I know. But they’re mostly his chickens.

Veggie Garden

The rain has been relentless! Postponing planting until maybe the 14th or so depending on my schedule!

Here’s a cute video of Mazey kitty hanging out in the Charlotte Peach tree in the orchard and our first strawberry of the season!

Woods Walk

Shane, Huckleberry and I went for a walk between rain showers on Saturday the 12th to see how much the creek had risen from the “Atmospheric River” the past couple days.

A few other things we saw on our walk:

Wise Woman Musings

If you would like to see the Crystal Grid and Intuitive Guidance for the Full Rose/Strawberry Moon, please visit the Crystal Caves Wise Woman website and read the Full Rose/Strawberry Moon for June 2022 blog post!

Next blog will be on Monday, June 20th!
See you then!

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