June Already!!!

It’s hard to believe that it’s June already! Still getting temps in the upper 50’s/low 60’s for highs with the sporadic mid to upper 70’s thrown in lately. Rain is still a more constant companion than sun right now too. Not that I’m complaining if it helps our drought situation around here. I would love for the pastures to stay green longer than July.
Now onto your regularly scheduled blog for the week!

(Pictured: Sunrise with Mt Hood)

Adventures in Sheep

Monday the 31’st of May was pasture rotation day. The open ewes went into the lower “neighbor pasture” (the only pasture we have where there is a house on the other side of the fence). They’re out there with the horse and 2 llamas, fattening up after weaning. The weaned lambs were moved into the “old barn pasture” (where an old barn built in the 1890’s used to stand and now is a pile of rotting wood). The pregnant ewes were let into the back yard to help eat down the very tall grass that has yet to be mowed. I only had enough fence panels to protect the Magnolia tree we just planted a couple months ago and we still have the ancient Lilac bush fenced from last year. This meant they of course ate as much of the other shrubbery they could reach like the Mock Orange, Tamarisk and Roses. It was a risk I was willing to take to get the grass eaten down. That Mock Orange was mowed to the ground by someone ‘helping’ with yard work many years ago and it came back stronger than ever! I’m sure these plants will bounce back.

We didn’t get time to weigh the market lambs this week to see if their prices change or not as Shane hasn’t had a day off from work since Memorial Day! The prices will also reflect the current market prices from a local auction yard.

Some sheep photos:

Chick Menagerie Updates

Not much has happened this last week. We are expecting some new chicks to show up soon though! Shane bought straight run Swedish Flower Chickens. They’ll be on the back porch until they get their feathers, then they’ll have a special room out in the coop with a wire door to get the older chicks used to them. We plan to breed and sell chicks and possibly fertilized eggs of this breed in the future.

Here’s a quick video of morning chick release:

Veggie Garden

I put off the veggie garden for a few days as I was waiting for the rain to come in and soak all that new dirt really well before planting in it. Saturday the 4th was a very wet day in the lower 60’s after several days in the mid to upper 70’s and sun so it worked out well! I will probably plant some of it this coming week though things are very busy with the end of the school year!


The Blue rose is blooming and beautiful!
I consolidated some planters to make room for flowers and then planted flowers we bought recently.

Woods Walk

Shane and I took Huckleberry for a run on Thursday, June 2nd. There were Buttercups, Blue Eyed Grass, Camas, Cow Parsnip, Wild Roses, and several other things. We also looked for a few rocks in the creek!

Wise Woman Musings

If you would like to see the Healing Crystal Grid and Intuitive Reading for the First Quarter Moon and for the Monthly June Reading, please go to Crystal Caves Wise Woman’s website and read the blog post, First Quarter Moon for June.

Next blog post will be on Tuesday, June 14th.
See you then!

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