Mommy Dearest

Okay so I’m back to Movie/Book titles. My mother made me read this book when I was in grade school. The mom in that book was terrifying! And to think it was a true story!
Moving on…. my mom was tough, but I think I’ve turned out pretty good. My daughter is a super independent handful, but again, I think she’s turning out pretty good too.

(Pictured above is a beautiful double rainbow over the neighbor’s place and our Orchard!)

R.I.P. Lucky

Wednesday night our 20+year old cat, Lucky, was just too far gone to go another day. It was time to let him go. Morganna and I had a big cry in the kitchen afterwards. As you can see from the pictures, he’s been with her, her whole life. We found him out in Gervais when he was a kitten about 2001. Someone had thrown him from a car window just ahead of us as we were heading out with friends. We caught him up and gave him a good home. He was always such a sweet cat. He’s going to be deeply missed.

R.I.P. Aster

On Saturday, April 30th, Aster got her head stuck in a weird place of the hay feeder and strangled to death. She left her 2 lambs behind, but they are 65 days old and can be weaned luckily. I also have her full sister who is a year older. I was testing them out to see which I was going to keep and which I was going to let go this year. Now that decision was made for me. I’ll be keeping her daughter to evaluate through the summer too. Farm accidents just bite!

In other sheep news – pastures were rotated on Saturday the 30th for the last time before weaning. We even let Winter, the bottle baby, out with the flock to learn to be a sheep. There were a few small hiccups, such as not figuring out how to get out of the creep pen, but he’s doing great!

Chicken Coop and Growing Chicks!

Shane lets the girls out into a fenced yard during the nice days that he’s working on their coop. It’s fun to watch them try out their little wings and hop around out there. As you can see, what we thought were supposed to be Golden Laced Wyandotte turned out to be Barred Rock. Oh well! So far the rest seem to be what they were sold as.

Garden News

Morganna and I spent Sunday, May 1st cleaning out another raised bed. We collected all the cutworms, slugs, snails, etc and fed them to the baby chicks. They loved the treat!

As you can see the weather is just not cooperating for any kind of gardening. Ground temps aren’t able to stay up. About the only thing I can plant right now are some cold crops in the raised beds! Most veggies are just going to wait a while.

Mom and I went to a local nursery on Thursday, May 5th and came home with almost $200 worth of plants. Marigolds are for the veggie garden once it gets planted. Bought Martha Washington Geraniums and both pink and white Bacopa for the tub on the patio. I accidentally killed the Cuphea that has been overwintering just fine for the last few years so I bought 3 new ones to replace them. Bought some Fuschias, Ivy Geraniums, Calibrachea, and Petunias for Hanging baskets too. Good thing the minivan has lots of room!

In cleaning out hanging baskets from last year, I noticed we had 4 Petunia plants and a 2 year old Verbena that made it through. Saturday the 7th, I repotted them all into one hanging basket and trimmed them up a bit. See how they do! I also planted a total of 9 hanging baskets from what we bought Thursday: 2 Petunia, 2 Calibrachea, 3 Ivy Geranium, and 2 Fuschias!
Most were a little dry so are sitting out in the rain for a day before I hang them up. The Petunias get rained on where they are so I went ahead and hung those.

Woods Walk 5/1/22

Morganna and I went for a woods walk together on Sunday. Was such a nice day! We even sat on the bank of the creek for a bit. I looked for rocks and she made rafts out of the Japanese Knotweed and kept pealing and slicing them with her knife. I told her we should find some recipes for it since it’s everywhere.

Woods Walk 5/8/22

Shane and I took the dogs (Mollie and Huckleberry) down for a woods walk this morning. It’s amazing how much can change in just a week!

Earlier this week I wrote a blog about what Beltane is and how it applies to the farm.
If you missed it, please check it out:

Wise Woman News

If you would like to see the Crystal Grids or Intuitive Guidance for the week, please head on over to Crystal Caves Wise Woman and read the Mother’s Day Week blog post!

The next blog will be for the Full Moon (and Lunar Eclipse!) on the evening of May 15th!
See you then!

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