Lambs Leaving, Chicks & Veggie Garden!

This week we didn’t go on a woods walk as there wasn’t time and the weather was soggy when there was. Lots happened with the sheep though.

Picture is a rainbow of the farmhouse with the Yearling Ewes begging for food.

Sheep News

There are 8 Katahdin and high percentage Katahdin cross wethers available on our Market Stock Available page. (Many in the 60-69lb weight range!). Anything not sold by mid-June will be taken to auction along with the cull ewes. We may have a small handful of wethers available mid Sept from the late June/early July lambing. Beyond that, you’ll have to wait until early April 2023!

Tuesday, May 17th, I went out and gave booster shots of CD/T to the lambs. Kept the 5 wethers/rams that are sold in the barn but turned the rest out into the pasture with the ewe lambs. Ram lambs headed out to the orchard with the older rams.

Pregnant ewes have been moved in the front barnyard to eat it down. May turn those into the back yard to eat down the grass there too! I just don’t have the hay to keep sheep in the barn any longer than I have to! In fact I’m a little worried what lambing in June is going to look like too without hay or straw (I have 1 bale of straw left!). The older ewes should be fine coming in for shots and what-not and being let back outside. The yearlings start lambing later so I’m hoping the new hay will be in or coming in at that time!

Coming mid to late June and into July 2022:

9 St Croix ewes and yearling ewes and 3 Katahdin yearling ewes will be giving birth (provided they all were bred) to lambs out of Titus, our Registered St Croix Ram.
The St Croix ewe lambs (and any ram lambs from the colored ewes) won’t be for sale this year due to our restructuring (though with a set of triplet St Croix ewes all bred to the same ram, I might let a few go from there).
There is a strong possibility there will be market wether lambs from the Katahdin ewes available too.

Thursday, May 19th, the Commercial Katahdin ram lamb left for his new home, Friday the 20th, 2 market wether’s left for theirs! More are leaving this next week too!

Chick Adventures

Shane’s been spending more time with his chickens than he is with me! HA! They are pretty fun to sit and watch though.

Garden Updates

Shane’s been out with the weedeater cutting grass. It’s far too thick for the lawnmower right now! The sheep will have to come into the back yard to work on it, but the front yard and road we have to get down first. The veggie garden is getting worked on this next week so will be updated in the next blog. I took some flower pics and one of Shane putting together our new small tiller for the raised beds.

Wise Woman Musings

If you would like to see the Crystal Healing Grid and Intuitive Guidance for today, please go to my Crystal Caves Wise Woman website and view the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces blog post!

Next blog post will be Monday, May 30th!
See you then!

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