Beltane Season

What does this time mean on the Homestead?

This time of year lambs are either weaned or about to be weaned, sheep are rotating on pastures that opened up shortly after the Spring Equinox, and the first round of cull adults or market lambs are being sold either to private buyers or to auction.

This year Beltane season is also bringing us chicks and a new chicken coop as you’ve seen if you follow our blog regularly. I changed the full moon in April’s name to the “Chick” moon in fact!

This time of year has been garden and flower bed prep for the upcoming plantings. Most things can go in the ground safely on Mother’s Day weekend, but if the long range forecast shows no frosty nights/early mornings, we might plant a little earlier. It’s difficult to wait! The lawns start to get mowed this time of year too depending on the weather. Lots of rain happens in April so grass in the yards is quite high right now.

Down in the woods, lots of plants are starting to pop out of the ground and bloom too. Things are full steam ahead in that department. The creek is still running well, uncovering new agates and petrified woods now and then. Our picnic area is getting overrun with wild plants taking advantage of the clearing we’ve done. Everything is so GREEN and LUSH!

Our Beltane campfire Wednesday night! Morganna cooking hot dogs with Shane, Baked Beans being cooked in the fire, and Amy bought potato, macaroni, and ambrosia salads from the Safeway deli. Delish!

If you go to Crystal Caves Wise Woman, today’s blog post there talks more about what Beltane comes from as well as my own theories about it.

Next blog will be the First Quarter Moon, the evening of May 8th (Mother’s Day)!
See you then!

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