Homestead Happenings 11/30/22

Pictured: the Creek last weekend.


These calendars are full of lambs, chickens, eggs, flowers, nature, etc. They have arrived so can be shipped out within a day of getting payment! Once these are sold, that will be it for this year! Hard to believe how expensive calendars are now days (and I got these on sale!). If anyone knows of a cheaper way to make calendars, please send me a message down at the bottom of the page!)

To order them and you don’t live local, $18 plus shipping of $8, please use the WITH SHIPPING Paypal below.
If you live close to me and can meet me, $18 no shipping, please use the NO SHIPPING Paypal below.
If you’ve gotten confused and chose the wrong one (or don’t know how to use online payments, live in another country, etc), message me at the bottom of the page and I will help you out.

Hollow Hills Ranch 2023 Calendar WITH SHIPPING

For anyone not local who needs calendars shipped within the United States. Please use Friends & Family option when paying.


Hollow Hills Ranch 2023 Calendar NO SHIPPING

For locals who can pick up their calendar in person. Please use Friends & Family option when paying.


Sheep Adventures

This past week hasn’t changed much. The ewes mostly all look pregnant, some HUGE, other’s not as much. I noticed one of our ewes from the summer lambing group was flirting at the ram fence. There is a chance she didn’t get bred by the 5 month old ram, Leroy, while she still had lambs nursing. A bit unfortunate but not a terrible thing as the ewes in that summer lambing group haven’t put on as much weight as I would have liked them to after weaning their lambs back in September. The grass just wasn’t very lush this fall as we didn’t get the rains we normally do. All I can say is, thank goodness no more summer lambing! It just throws off our whole system out here.

Remember if you want to be on the list for Registered St Croix ewes, ewe lambs, ram lambs (and some of these lambs might be St Croix of color this year too!) or for Commercial crossbred St Croix/Katahdin ewe or ram lambs send me an email using the form down at the bottom of the page. I’m sure we will have market lambs available too. Weaning is due to happen April 5th so lambs will be ready to go probably a week later. Adult ewes for sale that weaned lambs will need some time to recover so I will have them available May 1st or after.

For more info, please go to my page: Hair Sheep Price List!

Chicken News

Dorothy the Chicken Coop had some rearranging done last weekend. She still has a back room where the younger chicks hung out until they were big enough to go with the older ones last summer. It has now been converted into the nest box room. It’s darker and quieter in there so seems like a more peaceful area for them to lay their eggs. The main room was able to have more roosts added. Her windows also got covered up to keep the chickens warmer in this wind and rain plus freezing temps. There’s still vents at the top though for ventilation. Egg laying has slowed down some but we’re still able to sell medium size eggs in 18 packs fairly regularly. If you’re local, the 18 pack mediums sell for $5 each. We don’t ship eggs.

Garden Updates

Nothing much to report here this week. I did use some of our garden zucchini I had grated and frozen to make a couple delicious breads for Thanksgiving though!

In case you missed it in last week’s Homestead Happenings, though, here is the video I did on winterizing the raised beds and our plans for this spring:

Woods Walk

Shane, Morganna and I went on a trip to visit her former teacher’s new property named Raven’s Rest last weekend:

Shane and I also took a rainy walk to the woods to see what might be on the trail-cam and so I could see all the work he’s done on clearing out an area for us to recreate down there. We saw some nice bucks on the trail-cam footage, but I didn’t upload them to YouTube since we have dozens of them already on there! I did take some video of the creek and shared it on the Crystal Caves Wise Woman channel:

A still image of the creek last weekend

Wise Woman Musings

Don’t forget to head on over the Crystal Caves Wise Woman on Facebook or Instagram to see the latest reading for the First Quarter Moon today! Sometimes they are done before the blog, but today I’m getting to it after haha.

As always I appreciate all the likes, follows, and subscribes from everyone as well! You’ll find links below to all of the Hollow Hills Ranch and Crystal Caves Wise Woman Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube channels. Please be sure to follow my blog down there as well!

Next blog post will be for the Full Moon, Wednesday, December 7th.
See you then!

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