Halloween, the Most Wonderful Day of the Year!

Pictured: A random spooky moon in the trees I had as a background on my phone many years ago. Credit is unknown.

Sheep News

Not much to report on the sheep/lamb front. The rams, June lambs, and any Feb lambs that are a little thin are all locked in the barn getting grain and hay for another week. Figured it wouldn’t hurt them to get some TLC for a few days. Pasture shutdown happens on the evening of November 7th (which just so happens to be the midpoint between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice or Samhain). That was a happy coincidence as I usually do my pasture rotations and shutdowns based on full or new moons and the full moon happens to be the next day at 3:02am PDT. We lock down our pastures at night when the sheep are already in for the night, though some sorting will be happening before it gets dark too. The rams, 2 llamas, and horse are going into the furthest barnyard area with the nice big shed for shelter, the Feb/July lambs are going in a smaller barnyard closer to the barn with a shed for shelter, and the pregnant ewes will get the barnyard closest to the barn with access to the inside for their shelter. The sheep auction is coming up soon so those animals will get sorted out before all the shutdown occurs so they can go on Monday the 7th too.

Some scary news happened the other morning as well when another huge branch fell out of the big oak tree in the barnyard. It crushed a cattle panel when it came down but fortunately the pregnant sheep weren’t under it!

Chicken Updates

Also not too much going on with the chickens. Cowboy Dan finally started crowing and there’s a huge one out there that might also be a rooster too, though he’s taken a while to get longer tail feathers. It’s name is Red and is quite a bit larger than the other Swedish Flower hens out there. My gut says it’s a rooster! We are still doing well getting lots of eggs daily. So far no slowing down with the darkening days. I think the fact there is clear roofing over part of the coop helps with light. Just from Friday morning to this morning I was amazed how much darker it was at 7am!

We still have the occasional overachiever hen who lays a Super Jumbo egg with double yolks! Check this one out:

This egg is 3.44 ounces.

To put that in perspective see egg sizes below:

Extra Small 1.25-1.49 ounces

Small 1.50-1.74 ounces

Medium 1.75-1.99 ounces

Large 2.00-2.24 ounces

Extra Large 2.25-2.49 ounces

Jumbo 2.50-2.74 ounces

Garden & Cooking Adventures

The other day I was out in the garden seeing if I had any tomatoes I could salvage and also found 2 HUGE zucchini I had forgotten about and noticed how big the Kale was getting. Spur of the moment I decided to get my daughter’s help to make Kale chips since that was part of the reason we grew the Kale to begin with! They turned out pretty decent though I did buy some Season Salt for the next batch we do as the Garlic Powder and regular Salt was rather Meh. They tasted a bit like Brussel Sprouts. I have a lot more in the garden to play with. I’m leaving the center stalks of the plants to continue to produce more leaves too. Anything too old I give to the chickens. Kale is super high in Vitamins C, A, and K so great for us AND our livestock. One thing I’m tempted to do in the future is make the Kale chips with the Seasoning Salt and then crush them up really tiny so they can be sprinkled on baked or mashed potatoes! The Irish have a dish called Colcannon that blends Kale with potatoes, but I think I would rather sprinkle on the Kale and not overwhelm the delicious, buttery potatoes.

Nature Viewing

I didn’t go down to the woods this week with Shane, but he did go down without me a couple times. We have trail-cam footage of a cute little Spike Buck, but that was the most excitement for this week on there:

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Wise Woman Musings

If you are interested in the spooky Halloween Intuitive Guidance for this First Quarter Moon today, please head on over to Crystal Caves Wise Woman Facebook Page or to the Crystal Caves Wise Woman Instagram Page to see it a little later this morning!
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Next blog post will be for the Full Moon on Tuesday, November 8th.
See you then!

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