School Begins, Farm Changes too…

Pictured: Drying clothes utilizing wind and solar energy.

Sheep News

I’m happy to announce I received payment for the Registered St Croix ewes that are for sale. They will be leaving around the 23rd on a trip to Arizona. I hope they have some nice lambs for these folks!

Later this morning we will be weaning the summer lambs and sorting the rams out of the ewe flocks as breeding is also coming to an end. I’m so glad the lambs are weaning and I hope to never do summer lambing again as I’ve said multiple times. They just don’t do as well when the grass goes away for a good couple months. Things will go back to normal now.

Chickens and Eggs

We’re up to roughly 16 eggs per day now though still ranging mostly small and medium with a few jumbo and large thrown in (I think the Barred Rock hen, Charlotte, might be the culprit of the occasional jumbo). The only ones we’ve had enough to sell though have been the Small and Mediums still. Hoping we get more Large before long. The Swedish Flower and Brahma chickens should start laying in October sometime. It’s crazy to think a big bird like the Brahma only lay Medium size eggs and the Swedish Flower, a medium size chicken, lay large to extra large eggs!

Some of the eggs from the 7th.

Garden Updates

We’ve gotten more Zucchini as you can see and now some of the tomatoes are starting to come on, besides the cherry ones. We ate the Lemon Boy and one of the Super Fantastic ones with Tacos on Wednesday night. Delicious!!

2 Year Anniversary

Sept 8th marks the 2 year anniversary of the fires that caused our neighborhood and the entire town of Molalla to evacuate from the threat of wildfires. What’s eerily similar is we have the exact same forecast for Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th. It’s been quite windy with low humidity and high temps so PGE decided to give us notice they would probably be shutting down our power Friday. Right as rain, it went off at 10:30 Friday morning. We were fortunate to be able to borrow a generator that ran the freezer and fridge until Morgan’s dad came over with a cord to hook it to our house. Now we have everything but hot water and the ability to cook. Eating out or eating cold are the options right now!

I wrote a blog post back in 2020, about the fire, after we were home again:

We Survived the Fires

Labor Day, Sept 7th 2020 we were forecast with a very rare and unusual storm system that brought strong winds from the Northeast. This is typical of winter storms in our area, but never early autumn. As a preface to this storm, we had been without significant rainfall since July. Grass was brown, many trees…

Next blog will be Saturday, Sept 17th.
See you then!

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