Summer is Almost Over

Pictured: Sunset over the barn and horse trailer.

Sheep News

Not too much to report this week. The Katahdin ewes and ewe lamb that were for sale went to their new home on Sunday morning. Feels good to have a few less mouths to feed. Still have the Commercial St Croix ram and, hoping the prices go up at the auction sometime soon, we have some cull ewes and lambs that need to take a trip. Hoping by November 1st, if not sooner, we’ll be down to the numbers we want in the flock for overwintering. If things look lean for us this winter, we may have to sell some more Katahdin ewes or some sibling St Croix ewes and ewe lambs I was holding onto to decide who was the best. Crossing fingers we’ll be okay until Spring when the next round of ewes will be ready to go. Only time will tell!

Chicken Flock Adventures

On Saturday we got the biggest number of eggs. 14 of them! These girls are really getting busy laying now. They are averaging medium size but we’re still getting small and extra small from some that have just started. Some are also laying large and extra large, though not many yet. Right now we’re selling the medium size ones and eating the oddball sizes.

On Sunday the 28th Shane’s 7 year old granddaughter, Brooklyn, helped him gather some eggs that she took home. She even was able to hand feed some of the chickens and pet a few too!

Garden Updates

I harvested 2 huge Zucchini from the garden , gave one to Shane’s daughter Avery, and grated the other. Of course I neglected to get pictures of them! I got 4 3/4 cups of grated Zucchini from it. Decided to make a Zucchini bread out of some of it while Avery and her family visited on Sunday the 28th. Double chocolate! So good too! I ran out of flour so had to only make one that day. Made a special trip to the store Monday just to make sure I had enough flour to make more!

I’m taking a course on Permaculture Design and will be using this next week talking over things with Shane, Morgan, and my mother for why we want the permaculture design, our vision for how it will look, and the goals we want to attain from it. Me, personally, am heavily focused on developing the orchard area and front/side yards. I want a perennial food supply and also an annual one for the annual veggies and flowers. I want to keep pollinator gardening and wildfire landscaping as integral parts to the design as well. I’ll see what the rest of the household wants to do as well! I foresee some differences of opinion but am hopeful we’ll come to a game plan!

Woods Walk

Funny story. After going through almost 500 videos on this SD card, There were only 8 legitimate videos on there of either deer or Shane/Huck hitting the trail. The rest must have been the Fae down there playing with the camera!

On Sunday the 28th Shane and I took his daughter Avery, her husband Ryan, and their 7 year old daughter Brooklyn down to the creek to look for rocks, graze on blackberries, and generally explore. So much fun! I even taught her how to whistle grass between her thumbs for something completely annoying hahaha.

Next blog will be Saturday, Sept 10th.
See you then!

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