Things Are Picking Up Around the Farm!

Some sheep are about to leave, eggs are coming on like crazy and the garden is on the verge of lots of harvesting! As summer winds down, I only hope the weather continues to hold so the late garden can be harvested!

Pictured: Beautiful sunset on the 21st, taken by Shane!

Sheep Breeding Season is OVER….almost!

Last night was the end of breeding season for some of the sale ewes leaving tomorrow! In another couple weeks we will be weaning the summer lambs and ending breeding for the main flock! Things will be a lot easier for a bit which will be nice.

Pictured: Katahdin Ewes leaving Sunday.

All offspring will either be purebred St Croix or 50% or higher St Croix. I’ve found in our flock that the St Croix are just better at being resistant to H. contortus stomach worms. Out of all the February lambs we kept back, the St Croix haven’t needed worming (along with 3 of the Katahdin and Katahdin cross lambs). The rest all had issues with worms. I’m hoping that crossing all my favorite Katahdin ewes with the St Croix will boost their resistance without me losing those lines.

Speaking of St Croix, we still have 2 Registered St Croix ewes and a Commercial St Croix ram available (though he is related to one of the ewes so probably shouldn’t go with them)! They are the last of the breeding stock we will be selling most likely. The ewes have been bred to our Registered St Croix ram, Titus, for lambs around Christmas through January. We are still evaluating the summer lambs to determine if they are quality animals. They look good now, but they are still babies. I have some interest in one of the summer ram lambs already, so that seems promising!

Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs!

We are getting bunches of eggs each day averaging medium size with a few micro smalls and massive Jumbo plus mixed in.

The Swedish Flower Chickens are starting to lose their peeps and get more adult voices. Some have been crowing for a while now, but I noticed one of them was talking like a hen, albeit much higher pitched. I’m betting they will start laying eggs in October some time. We still have the black Swedish Flower Roos available too. These are some tough chickens! They can handle heat, cold, they forage well, and they come in so many colors, as well as comb and feather styles!

Veggies Are Coming On!

I harvested the first Cherry Tomatoes last Monday and noticed the other tomato plants are LOADED with medium size green tomatoes waiting to ripen. There’s more Zucchini almost ready to harvest and the Cucumber is blooming like mad! Carrots and Mini Pumpkin are growing well as are the two kinds of Onions. The Sunflowers that didn’t get eaten by the sheep are starting to get taller and I only hope they will bloom! The Snow Peas have sprouted along with several Nasturtiums. The Kale seems to be struggling a bit, but we’ll see what happens. I haven’t seen any lettuce come up yet so might be bad seed. Grass seeds are certainly coming up in there though…grrrr.

Woods Walk

Shane and I went for a walk Friday, the 19th down to get the trailcam footage. It was great to see water still flowing in the creek. This time last year it was dried up with slimy puddles in spots.

Creek views

The Trail Cam footage gave us some Brush Bunnies and Deer Families. Those babies are so cute!

Next blog will be Saturday, Sept 3rd.
See you then!

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