It Finally Feels Like Spring!

Pictured are the 9 lambs for sale out in the barnyard.

Only 6 Katahdin and Katahdin cross market lambs are left after 4 more left this week! You can see what’s left on the Market Stock Available page.

As to breeding stock, I decided on 2 Commercial Katahdin ewes and 1 Commercial Katahdin ewe lamb to put up for sale. You can see those on the Katahdin Available page. The adult ewes need time to recover from weaning so probably won’t see those going until later in June.

Dorothy the Coop and the Chick Menagerie

Rather sounds like a band or circus troop hahahaha!

I added a page to the website with cursory photos of the babies. Go to Our Poultry to see them!

Here’s another YouTube Video by Shane:

Raised Beds are READY Finally!

Sunday, Amy finished cleaning out the last raised bed and Shane eagerly tried out his new Mantis tiller! They needed more dirt, but the tiller loosened up what was there already to make it much easier to mix in the new with the old.

The furthest raised bed will have Tomatoes, Onions, and maybe some Basil or other herbs and Marigolds. The middle bed might be Zucchini and Cucumbers. The closest bed will be Beans, Carrots, Radishes and some Nasturtiums I think. I’m still working out what we want to grow. I’ll probably plant it this coming week.

Flowers Old and New

Some flowers around the house:

Saturday, May 28th, Morgan, Connie, and Aunt Pat and I went for a girls day plant shopping and eating lunch out. Was so much fun and much needed time together. I decided I was only buying one box full of flowers, and I managed to stick to it! I also needed a small bag of Peat Moss for the Magnolia Tree we planted in April as it’s not looking happy (I think our soil is too Alkaline).
Here are the flowers I bought:

Woods Walk

Sunday, May 22nd, Shane and I took the dogs on a quick woods walk where I saw some new things blooming and found some mushrooms in the pasture by the Cedar Tree!

The rocks were really fun this trip too! The Jaspers had crystals all over and through them, found a cool zebra striped agate and a nice dark Carnelian among some smaller ones and petrified wood.

Wise Woman Musings

If you’d like to see the New Moon and Memorial Day Intuitive Guidance and Healing Crystal Grid, go to Crystal Caves Wise Woman and to the New Moon on Memorial Day blog post.

Next blog will be Tuesday, June 7th!
See you there!

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