See the Forest for the Trees

April 28th makes 2 years Shane and Amy have been together! They met on Farmer’s Only, an online dating site, during the beginning of Covid.
Since then they’ve been through Covid (obviously), a Forest Fire, epic Ice Storm/power outage, and prepping for the potential of SHTF with the state of the country’s and world’s affairs! It’s great to have a partner who is capable and gets it!
Taking Risks and Changing Lives!

Happy Sheep

When I went for my walk on Sunday, I snapped a couple pictures of the yearling ewes and new ewes out in their pasture out enjoying the nice weather! Some are starting to shed so look a little ratty.

Chicken Coop!

These girls are growing fast! Shane’s been bringing them outside with him in the nice weather while he works on the coop. They’re crazy little things but he’s trying hard to get them to settle down. Shane is working his tail off on the new coop too!
Here he’s made a few more videos about the experience and his chicks:


On Friday I had a meeting in town so decided to go to Ace Hardware and BiMart to look for Tomato plants. I ended up getting Lemon Boy, Super Fantastic, Black Krim, and Sweet Million (for my daughter to graze). Hopefully we are about done with night time frost so I can get them out into the raised beds! Another thing I bought on a whim was a hanging basket of Calibrachea with double flowers. It’s so pretty hanging in front of the living room window!

Things are starting to get buds and burst forth into bloom!
Pictured in this slideshow: Chives, Peony, Lavender, White Currant, Beauty of Moscow Lilac, the old lilac in the back yard, and our Columnar Apple Tree on the patio.

Woods Walk

On my woods walk Saturday. Not too much new to report, but it was beautiful!

Pictured in the slideshow: Tadpoles in the pond are getting bigger (and the rains made it more full too!), Deer tracks were the only thing I saw in the mud (no bears or cougars nearby maybe), several flowering fruit trees gone wild and wild strawberries among other flowering shrubs and plants, the old hawthorn looked happy, a little log in a wetland spot next to the creek that I always expect to see a turtle sitting on (but never do), the creek was fairly full too, found some petrified wood and carnelian agate too.

Next blog will be the morning of Thursday, May 5th for Beltane!
See you then!

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