Hunting Easter Bunn… Eggs I mean…

We’re not overly religious in our household so no church or fancy dinner for Easter Sunday usually (unless we visit family that does it). Morganna gets visited by the Easter Bunny of course though! She’s really into Warrior Cats books so the Easter Bunny managed quite a few things in her basket along those lines!

Sheep Slick!

Have you ever heard of sheep slick? I’ll tell you what it is. It’s the grass poops they get from fresh pasture. They love to hang out in the barn during rainy days so sheep slick is a daily issue in the barn. Why sheep slick you ask? When you try to catch a sheep in the barn, step on sheep slick, you ski across the barn and inevitably smack into a wall, post, fence, feeder, etc. Good times. Now then, my point to all this fun educational sheep manure talk.

I was reminiscing back to how clean the barn was all winter, even with the ewes in it quite often. No diarrhea, aka sheep slick. This got me thinking. Why not breed earlier in the year and get lambing AND weaning finished before the pastures open up late March/early April? We are going to try that this year. Breeding will start July 28th, run for a month, with lambing starting Dec 23rd and weaning April 5th, 2023. Pastures will open up April 5th for the open ewes, rams, and keeper weaned lambs to go out onto. This should stop the barn from being inundated with sheep slick AND have lambs earlier in the year for my buyers. We’ll see how it goes!

Chicken Coop Project

Shane is using railroad ties for the base of the coop. The coop will sit on these and be bolted down to prevent it for blowing over. It’s coming along!

Shane made this great video outlining what he’s doing.

Next blog will be the New Moon the afternoon of Saturday, April 30th.
See you then!

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