Such A Busy Week It’s Been!

We have had several lambs born starting the evening of my last blog post! It’s been so difficult to wait a week to post the baby pictures, but it’s finally time!

1/31/22 – Evening

Merla (unpapered, 98+% Katahdin ewe) had 10lb twins! Girl on the left, boy on the right. Sire is registered Katahdin ram, Chief.

2/1/22 – Night

Cicely, a Recorded Katahdin ewe (54.6875% Katahdin/29.6875% St Croix/17.1875% Dorper/1.5625% Barbados/1.5625% Black Hawaiian) gave us twin ram lambs tonight! Black/White is 10lbs and Black short ears is 9lbs. Sired by Registered Katahdin ram, Chief.

2/2/22 – Morning

Registered St Croix Flora had a 10lb ewe lamb out of Black/White Registered St Croix Luke.

2/4/22 – Morning

This bony, kind of homely, registered Katahdin ewe, Sonja (with a massive udder, her saving grace) gave me 9lb and 11lb twin ewe lambs out of Recorded Katahdin Ram, Crichton (he’s 37.5% on paper but 100% Katahdin in reality, yes he’s named after the author, Michael Crichton). Crichton’s mother has never given us ewe lambs so I decided to keep a ram lamb of hers to try on a couple ewes. Here we are, 2 girls already! He has one more ewe to go and his mother still needs to lamb.
UPDATE: She’s since put on some weight after giving birth so not quite so bony!

2/4/22 – Night

7 year old Registered St Croix ewe, Dazzle gave us a 10lb ewe lamb out of Registered St Croix Ram Luke. First time she’s ever given us a single too. I imagine it’s due to her not being back in condition after a late weaning of her lambs not long before breeding.

2/5/22 – Afternoon

Unpaperd, but 98+% Katahdin ewe, Magpie had twin ram lambs out of Registered Katahdin ram, Chief. White one is 12 lbs and the B/W one is 9lbs. Good mama too!

2/5/22 – Night

Registered Katahdin ewe, Poppy, had an 11lb brown/white ram lamb and an 8lb white ewe lamb tonight out of Registered Katahdin Ram, Chief. First time with twins, second lambing.

Shane really wants us to keep the solid black lamb with short ears. He wants to call him Pappy after Pappy Boyington from the Black Sheep Squadron. I told him it won’t be tame enough so not going to happen haha.

As you can see, a bunch of cute babies! We still have 11 ewes to go but they’ve taken a few days off. Last weekend was spent giving shots, doing ear tags, trimming mama hooves and cleaning pens. We utilized the social pen for some of the moms and babies because I was out of wormer. Here are some pictures of them in the pen and outside the next day. It was a gorgeous, sunny day too!

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