Slow Baby Week but a Creep Pen Built!

The past week was a little slow on the baby lambs happening but we had 3 ewes lamb the same day all within an hour and a half! That was exciting to watch!

Thurs, Feb 17, 2022

Registered St Croix ewe, Daphne, had twin 9lb ewe lambs out of Registered St Croix Ram, Luke. Look at those colors!!! You have no idea how excited I was to get colored girls from this mama! I was hoping for at least one boy, but I’m still happy!

Thurs, Feb 17, 2022

Registered St Croix ewe, Gillie had a 9lb ewe lamb and an 8lb ram lamb out of Registered St Croix Ram, Luke.

Thurs, Feb 17, 2022

Registered Katahdin ewe, Speck, had a 12lb ram lamb out of 37.5% Recorded Katahdin (though 100% in reality) Ram, Crichton.

This leaves us 4 left to lamb and judging from udder size it might be a while before they do. I believe Rosie, Registered St Croix ewe, will be the first of the bunch to go then we have a Registered Katahdin ewe, Aster, who is a first timer will probably be next. Commercial Crossbred ewe, Dahlia looks big but no udder to speak of so she’s either fat or waiting until the end of lambing season (March 18th) to decide to grace us with lambs. The Registered St Croix ewe, Bella doesn’t really look like she’s carrying babies, but we’ll keep her around until the 18th as well before culling her. (She didn’t lamb last year after giving twins a few times in the past, and was in with a ram all last summer, not getting bred).

Since we have so few ewes left to lamb, things were rearranged in the barn a bit. We reduced the jug pens down to 2, moved the Social Pen and created a 12×24 Creep Pen. Lambs are loving it!

I sorted the seed drawer in the fridge! Planting peas soon! Might do some carrots and radishes too. There’s a freeze happening this week but when it’s over I think I’ll go ahead and plant.
Some of the veggie and herb seeds are from 2011, but have been kept in the dark fridge this whole time! I found some flower seeds from 2000! Those might get their own pots to see if they sprout or not.

Until Next Week! Maybe we’ll have at least one ewe lamb for us!

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