They’re Hee-eere!

What a busy week it's been!! This week we had some new additions to the homestead, ewes & lambs rotated pastures, we had a couple of warm sunny days amid several cold/wet ones. We tend to do outdoor stuff on those nice days and indoor stuff on the wet ones, at least I do! Some new books came in the mail and as always I have a Crystal Grid and Intuitive Guidance at the end. I included a small exercise for everyone to try this time too. All you need is a pencil, piece of paper, and about 5 minutes to think about the question. I welcome feedback of course! Amy Wheeler Ranch Manager

Winter is Coming…Wait, What?

Between a bottle baby lamb, grass growing by leaps and bounds, and a mix of rain and sun this week, we've been busy. And that's not including the boring stuff I don't blog about (like Taxes I've been dragging my feet to do and House stuff that no one wants to be doing!). Topics this week include Winter is Here!, Website Updates - Hair Sheep, Yard & Orchard, Woods & Creek. Enjoy! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to message us using the form on the website. Thanks for following us! Amy, Ranch Manager and Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner

Spring Equinox 2022

If you were to go to the section of the website Natural Remedies, you would see a section devoted to moon and seasonal info. You would also see that the Spring Equinox, or Ostara, represents: new life, renewal, beginnings, possibilities, fertility, balance of light and dark. Now how the Homestead life falls into that, continue onward!