Homestead Happenings 12/23/22

Pictured: Hairy Frost coming out of a piece of dead wood. Apparently this is caused by a fungus and is only found at the 45th parallel around the world!


We started wrapping Christmas presents and putting them under the tree. Loki thought that was just fine for him!

Christmas Ice Storm

The weather turned nasty last night. The high was only 29 all day and then it began to rain and freeze on everything it touched. I gingerly made it down the back steps last night to check the sheep but had to find a different way down this morning. Solid sheet of ice everywhere. Avoided the dirt paths too and opted to walk on places with some grass to break up the ice.

Sheep Adventures

The start of lambing season began yesterday on December 22nd! No lamb pics yet, but I’m sure in a week there will be quite a few! I’m hoping for at least 26 lambs this year but it could be a few less since we have several first timers in this group. This will be the first time we’ve started our lambing season before January 1st so we’ll see how it goes. It rather cuts into Christmas day a bit but hopefully we’re able to get to all the places we need to go that day without too much incident!

Pregnant ewes out eating breakfast in the ice.

Woods Walk

Shane and I took a walk in the woods last weekend and saw a bit of fungus, and some cool stuff growing on a rock.

We also apparently have a porcupine in one of our lower pastures! Check out the tree he’s been eating on and I believe this torn up stump right next to this is him eating bugs.

Calendars Still Available!

I have a few calendars still available!
They are $18 plus shipping (runs about $8-9 in the USA).
Please send me a message below for payment options.

Wise Woman Musings

Don’t forget to head on over the Crystal Caves Wise Woman on Facebook or Instagram to see the latest reading for the New Moon today!

As always I appreciate all the likes, follows, and subscribes from everyone as well! You’ll find links below to all of the Hollow Hills Ranch and Crystal Caves Wise Woman Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels. Please be sure to follow my blog down there as well!

Next blog post will be for the First Quarter Moon, Thursday, December 29th.
See you then!

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