Homestead Happenings 12/29/22

Pictured: Cicely and Fenella with their babies!

Sheep Adventures – BABIES!

The ice storm lingered into Saturday morning but Cicely decided to surprise me when I went to the barn late Friday night!


Recorded 56.25% Katahdin ewe, Cicely – HLW 996, had these beautiful 8lb ram and ewe twin lambs tonight around 9-9:30pm. Sire is Registered St Croix Ram, Titus – Swecker RVR 2102. First of our commercial St Croix cross program! Finally got a ewe lamb out of this ewe too! Lambs are: 64.84375% St Croix/27.34375% Katahdin/8.59375% Dorper/0.78125% Black Hawaiian/0.78125% Barbados Blackbelly.


First timer, Recorded 50% Katahdin ewe (though she is 100% Katahdin), Fenella – HLW 1011, had these twin 8lb ewe lambs early this morning for Christmas! Sire is Registered St Croix Ram, Titus – Swecker RVR 2102. Great udder, great mom! These lambs are 50% St Croix/50% Katahdin and part of our St Croix cross program.

We are turning our Katahdin flock into a St Croix cross commercial flock for multiple reasons. First the St Croix are so parasite resistant, they make life easier. Second, I have a bad shoulder so a lighter framed adult makes it easier for me to work. Third, we get to keep fewer rams!

Barn Changes

This morning I changed some of the pens in the barn. Lambs are supposed to have access to a creep pen at a week of age. The oldest lambs were born Friday so I decided to make the creep pen and move the 12×12 holding pen. I have a lot of cleaning to do at the other end of lamb alley so I can put in 2 more jug pens down there. Right now all the pens are empty as last weekend’s lambs and moms are out in the main flock. I have 4 clean jug pens and so many ewes look close it’s not funny. Fingers crossed they don’t all decide to lamb at once!

Ice Storm Passes, Wind Storm Arrives

Tuesday we had a pretty significant windstorm come through. Gusts as high a 55mph! Our power flickered the entire day but never went out, though everyone around our little area seemed to lose it. While feeding the sheep in the morning a wind gust hit hard enough to flip my hay cart over and almost took me with it. Morganna’s old play structure got flipped over but amazingly we didn’t lose any trees or branches! We were very fortunate! There are folks just today getting their power back. Now the days are hanging out in the 40’s with intermittent rain happening. Very typical winter weather for here. Shoot, we aren’t even freezing at night right now! Perfect lambing weather!

Chicken News

It’s amazing but our chickens decided to up the egg laying lately to 15-16 a day! Mostly getting Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes too. If you live local to us and want eggs, let us know!

Calendars Still Available!

I have a few calendars still available!
They are $18 plus shipping (runs about $8-9 in the USA).
Please send me a message below for payment options.

Wise Woman Musings

Don’t forget to head on over the Crystal Caves Wise Woman on Facebook or Instagram to see the latest reading and crystal healing grid for the First Quarter Moon today!

As always I appreciate all the likes, follows, and subscribes from everyone as well! You’ll find links below to all of the Hollow Hills Ranch and Crystal Caves Wise Woman Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels. Please be sure to follow my blog down there as well!

Next blog post will be for the Full Moon, Friday, January 6th.
See you then!

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