Yard & Garden News

The heatwave began on Sunday, the 24th and there’s currently no end in site for 90+ degree heat. A few projects got done outside before the heatwave hit though fortunately.

Raised Bed Updates

I noticed something coming up in the raised beds I just recently planted and found the 21 year old Sunflower seeds have sprouts coming up as do the 11 year old Radish seeds! I have maybe 2, 7 year old carrot plants coming up in the other bed. Not looking good for the past 2 packages of carrot seeds I put in there. Might have to go with a 3rd package that’s been stored better over time! The new batch of onions seem to be doing well too. The cucumber and zucchini plants still look really sad so we shall see if they live or not. Forgive the mess around the raised beds. Most of that is cardboard we used to keep the weeds out of the beds. I need to move it to other places to kill the grass.

First Raised Bed:

Newest Raised Bed:

Poor Fruit Trees

We bought some bareroot trees a while ago and stuck them in a tub with shavings and water. Kinda forgot about them. Yesterday Shane and I potted them up in big pots. One of the Forest Pansy Redbud trees looks dead, but the other is half alive. The Bartlett Pear looks good oddly, but the Ambrosia and Pink Lady apple trees may have lost their tops. We’ll see how they do. I’m sure they will be quite happy to have actual dirt and not shavings anymore.

Yard Work

Friday and Saturday temps were in the 70’s so I took advantage of these nice, cool days to get some work done in the yard. I managed to get the mowing caught up and moved some of the yard section fences, making the back yard a little smaller but increasing the size of the side yards. The front yard fences will have to wait until the heat wave is over. One part of the fence will be really easy to move, the other we need to move some logs out of the yard (from the Tulip Tree we had felled a while back). They are right in the way of course!

The mess is stuff that got cleaned up and now needs to find a home elsewhere. I also pruned the Tamarisk bush and some blackberries that love to take up residence in any flower bed they find in order to put in the fence there. So much work, all the time! The other bush to the left is a really old Mock Orange, the stumps in the distance were the old apple trees we had to cut down.

New yard fence coming off the side of the house.

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