Taming the Jungle

More of the lawn got mowed this past weekend! The backyard looks so much bigger when the grass is under control. So MANY Garter Snakes out there! Making some plans about moving some fences and moving the clothes line among other things this week. Never realized how much the yard was stressing me out being messy and a fire hazard! Now if only I would clean the house…… hahahaha.
Some work was done in the garden too and we went on some small excursions.

Pictured: Full Thunder/Hay/Buck Supermoon coming up in the SSE the evening of July 13th

Crunching Numbers, Selling Sheep

I’ve been spending this last week deciding what sheep to sell and what to keep. Since we had to tighten our budget on the amount of hay we bought, it’s been tough. We have several on the cull list which are easy to pick out, as well as lambs to get rid of. Fingers are crossed I get to keep a few of our favorites for one more year, at least until their daughters are old enough to be bred themselves. Another thing I normally don’t do is keep all twins or triplets, but have since I wanted to grow the St Croix numbers. If I slim those down that drops us another 4 ewes and ewe lambs. Still considering this though. Sometimes when I can’t decide which sibling to keep, I let them breed and have lambs to see who does better. I do have some favorites in my sale lists for both Katahdin and St Croix who I have daughters being bred this year. Nothing wrong with these ewes, I just can’t keep them all.

Chicken Musings

Shane has some videos this week showcasing his flock’s development and personalities a bit.

Raised Garden Bed Plantings

July 14th I planted another super late raised bed. I bought a cucumber and zucchini at the Farmer’s Market a few weeks back so they got planted in the middle raised bed along with marigolds, more onions, some old radish seed and some old sunflower seeds. We’ll see how those seeds go! I think the sunflowers are 21 years and the radishes 7 years old. If nothing sprouts in 2 weeks, I’ll plant some more old seeds. The 7 year old Gold Pak carrot seeds failed in the other bed so I threw in some 7 year old Amsterdam Minicor carrot seeds yesterday. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll need to add more dirt into the 3rd raised bed so I can plant my mini pumpkin plant and rest of my marigold plants, some old bean, sunflower, and nasturtium seeds.

Woods Walk

On July 13th, Shane and I went for a quick walk in the woods to gather the trail cam SD card. Definitely need to change the sensitivity settings on it because every branch that moved in the wind set it off. We did manage to get some deer on camera though.

Shane cleared some trail before he set up the trailcam. Nice wide open spaces to wander now!


Shane and I went for a drive on Sunday, July 17th, evening. We went up Dickey Prairie Rd all the way to where the black top ends at a place called “Old Bridge” on the map below (last photo). We parked at the Rooster Rock Trailhead where the road forks. The upper road is called “Old Jeep Rd” on the map. We parked next to the lower road near the Molalla River. This area was inundated by the 2020 Beachy Creek Fire as you can see in the photos. So different than it used to be. One thing I noticed was what was starting to take over these areas. Maple and Elderberry! They were everywhere! I bet this will be a forager’s paradise someday in the future. I found an uncommon white Foxglove along the road too.

Next blog post will be Thursday, July 28th.
See you then!

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