They’re Hee-eere!

Welcome to Homestead Happenings for April 8, 2022!

Again with the movie taglines! Guess the movie and you get a star haha.
Read on to see what came to the homestead!

New Pastures

All the girl sheep, llamas, and horse got new pastures on the morning of April 1st. Rosie and her 2 triplets she kept also got let out to get fresh grass.

Winter is what I call a backyard sheep for now so he can eat all the grass he wants without bugging his overtaxed mom in the pasture. Eventually he will move out to the orchard with the yearling Rams, but probably not until weaning for all in May. He’ll be spoiled for a bit longer. Morganna loves it!

Shane’s a Chick Magnet!!

We have some new additions to the Homestead too! Welcome to our new baby chicks!
Shane was grinning from ear to ear coming out of the feed store!

4 Light Brahma
4 Dominant Copper
4 Black Australorp
4 Golden Laced Wyandotte
3 Rhode Island Reds
3 Ameraucana
3 Olive Eggers

Shane wanted Roosters too so ordered 2 Black Australorp Roos and 3 Black Australorp Pullets to add to the flock. One of the Ameraucana chicks didn’t make it Sunday night so might have to also replace her this week too.

Our back porch/mud room/laundry room/greenhouse is also now a nursery for babies haha. Pictures were taken while we are still getting set up. Will probably move stuff around a bit more as we go. NOISY and cute little buggers though! Next weekend we get started on moving and renovating a Hawk pen into a chicken coop in the orchard.

Food Forest Ideas

The Food Forest plan is undergoing some changes. Considering adding geese and ducks as well as the chickens out there so we may have to plan differently. No perennials or groundcovers as they will get decimated. Instead we will move the perennials, such as Strawberries, Asparagus, and Rhubarb, to raised beds in a fenced area near the Annual garden raised beds. Herbs and other things that can double as food and decoration will go in the front and side yards. I foresee a lot of Redbuds in the orchard for Nitrogen Fixing, and maybe some in the yard landscaping too.

Pictured in the slideshow: Out in the Orchard the Walking Onions are still doing well under the Spruce Tree, the Gravenstein Apple Tree is starting to Bloom as is the Ubileen Pear. The Charlotte Peach is at the tail end of blooming. In the yard, my great grandmother’s Snowdrops started blooming this week and another picture of her Grape Hyacinth as well.

Woods & Creek

Thursday the day was gorgeous and in the 70’s so of course I took a few minutes to go for my walk! There wasn’t a whole lot of changes from last week, but I captured a few things. Here’s a video of a bunch of tadpoles down in the pond too!

Pictured in the slideshow: The GIANT pussy willow below our orchard (Shane cleared around it to give it some breathing room. Obviously VERY old), I’m not sure but this next photo might be Motherwort (waiting for a bloom to verify), found a grand total of 4 Fawn lilies coming up and 2 of them are right in the middle of the trail of course (one was wilted and acted like it needed water!), Turkey Tail mushrooms growing on a stump in an area Shane cleared in the past year (might have to harvest some!), Ajuga still blooming under the tree canopy, the Trilliums are starting to bloom, as are the Bleeding Hearts all over one section of the creek (they almost form a carpet!), the bend in the creek (looked very inviting for fishing!), and last found a neat petrified wood piece with a slight bit of agate in it.

Found these little guys Thursday night while I was bringing the towels in off the lines. The one in my hand was puffed up completely circular, floating on the water. Had no problem picking him up!

Next blog will be in the morning of the Full Moon on April 16th! See you then!

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