Winter is Coming…Wait, What?

Welcome to Homestead Happenings for March 31, 2022!

Welcome to Homestead Happenings for March 31, 2022!

You like my Game of Thrones reference? Winter is the name we decided on for the bottle lamb, who happens to be pure white. The weather has been beautiful this month so no actual Winter, please!

Winter is Here!

Rosie isn’t doing well taking care of her 3 babies so we had to step in and feed a bottle to them to see which lamb was most likely to accept it after 2 weeks! The winner was the biggest of the triplets, so we named him Winter. Momma and the other two babies are already doing better since we took this guy out late Friday night. He can still see his mom and touch noses, so it’s not as stressful as it could be. His siblings were actually bouncing a bit more than they had been and they weren’t all hunched up with hungry bellies the next morning. From now on, no more messing about. A triplet family is born, one gets pulled. Easy enough.

Website Updates – Hair Sheep

I also updated the sheep part of the website. I added a Flock Health page to talk about our methods, and I added a few pictures to the St Croix ewes page. I used the baby pictures and added the ewe lambs to both the St Croix ewe and Katahdin ewe pages. I also added the ram lambs to the St Croix ram page too. There are baby pictures of the soon-to-be-wethers on the Market Stock Available page too. We have 13 that will be going this year.

Tinky the Horse &
Marty the St Croix Ewe
at Sunset

Yard & Orchard

The grass is getting overwhelming so we need to get out the mower and make sure it works. Hopefully the weather cooperates one day so I can mow!

Shane and I planted this Southern Magnolia this week in the “Zen Garden” next to our pet cemetery. It’s been sitting in the pot for a year so it was starting to look unhappy. I can’t believe what a tough tree they are!

The peach tree now has blossoms all over it! The pears and apples are about to bust out too!

Woods & Creek

Almost didn’t make it down to the woods this week, but at the last minute I had a break in the weather and went for my walk!

There’s a view of the fallen ash by the hillside we come down, a very surreal looking ground where the swamp is drying up and becoming a mat of drying algae, Spring Beauties, Ajuga, Yellow Violets, Miner’s Lettuce blooming, Mint coming up in the swamp, Trilliums just about ready to bloom, a single Fawn Lily about to bloom (used to be more, now I only find this one), Skunk Cabbage is rising from the swampy depths, Oregon Grape is in full bloom now, a few straggler Mycena sp. mushrooms, what I call Poop shrooms on old horse manure, and some rocks I found in the creek (Petrified Wood and Red Jasper).

The next blog will be in the evening of the First Quarter Moon on April 8th! See you then!

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