Homestead Happenings 3/24/22

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This week has been all about Spring Break for my daughter (and myself since I don’t have to drive her back and forth for a week!). Topics this week include: Hair Sheep Update, Garden Musings, Woods Walk, Healing Tidings, and Intuitive Guidance.

Hair Sheep Update

Friday the 18th, the sheep were let out to pasture a couple weeks early as our hay supply is dwindling. They were most happy about it too! The two St Croix yearling rams are out in our Orchard by the driveway, the moms with babies are out by the road in what we call the “road pasture” (imaginative I know!), and the yearlings and new ewes are out in the “cemetary pasture” with the horse and two llamas (this pasture goes into the woods so coyotes are more of a problem hence the protection detail). It’s called that due to an old pioneer cemetary on the neighboring property and this pasture is the closest to it.

Garden Musings

Morganna and I cleaned out the raised bed where we are going to plant peas. We covered it with cardboard though until we can get a few bags of dirt to put in there AND it keeps the kitties from using it as a cat litter haha. The size of the worms in that bed were AMAZING too!

Today I spent along the side of the house pruning roses (yes a bit late), and cutting or pulling out some blackberries that decided to take hold. They will be fun to remove completely, NOT! We have some potted daylilies and potted peonies that need to go in that bed before long. Hoping the rototiller will run so we can get the grass out. Will need to add some dirt there too and mix it in. It’s pretty compacted since there’s no gutters on this old farmhouse!

We are going to convert 3 shelves on the back porch to a “greenhouse” to start seeds. Bought the grow lights today, need more jiffy seed starter kits, and some seed germinating mats yet.

I also save some take-out, plastic containers with clear lids that can be used for seed starting. I will probably dig a few of those out too. They hold up pretty well actually!

Woods Walk

Today, Shane, the dogs and I went for a small woods walk and sat by the creek for a little while. Found a few rocks while we sat too. Such a warm, beautiful day. It was so relaxing down there!

Healing Tidings

This crystal grid is for the Last Quarter Moon. This moon is about Self-Discovery, Empathy, and Independence.

Orange Aventurine is for Empathy, with small Quartz crystal points for Amplification/Ascension. The next circle is Bronzite for Independence/Bravery and Bloodstone for Independence/Strength. Inner circle is Angelite for Empathy/Peace. Center stone is again a Quartz crystal point for Amplification/Ascension.

Come back to this grid often and meditate with it if you find yourself in need of these qualities. Don’t forget I can do custom grids for any situation as well. Just send me a message using the form on this page.

Intuitive Guidance

Last Quarter Moon Reading

A sacred journey is ahead of you. Deeper meaning is waiting to be discovered. Have courage on your journey for you are safe taking it. What waits for you is the joy to have discovered something new about you or about your life. Find that joy in the small things around you as joy is contagious. Those near you will feel a little bit of that joy when they see how happy a moment makes you.

I have to say the Hummingbird/Joy imagery has made itself apparent in a big way today and last night. I had a reading done by someone using her Hummingbird Oracle and I received the Joy card from her. Then while shuffling today the Hummingbird/Joy card fell out of this deck before the reading you see here. Must mean Joy is not only important for myself, but also for all who are reading this!

The next blog post will be on the New Moon, March 31st, again in the evening. See you then!

If you would like to give me some feedback on these new style blog posts or about anything else, please send me a message in the form on this page. Also, if you’d like to have quick access to these posts, subscribe for email updates!

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