Spring Equinox 2022

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Spring Lambs

Typically, soon after the Spring Equinox, the pastures open up so the moms and babies born the previous month can finally get some fresh grass! This is the season of growth for those lambs so that they may be well on their way by weaning in May. We’ve also done lambing in March in years past, but prefer them not be out in pastures, where the coyotes frequent, with babies barely able to stand. Lambing is finished before pastures open for their safety.

Garden Implementation

This is also the time of year to get seeds planted indoors so they get a nice head start in May when danger of frost has passed. The flower beds will be cleaned out soon, and any pruning we’ve missed will be completed. This is the time for preparation before the planting! I will say, some trees and shrubs will likely get planted soon too as they aren’t harmed by the occasional frost that will come.

Woods Changes

Down in the wilder part of our property, lots of changes start happening this time of year. We still get the swamp down there and the occasional flooding, but now things are starting to bloom, or start poking their heads out of the ground. This is the time to look for that spring growth to forage plants such as Chickweed, Miner’s Lettuce, Violet flowers, and much more. There are buds on many of the deciduous trees and shrubs down there as well as some flowers on the Oregon Grape and Oso Plums. You’ll find catkins on the Alder trees, and the secretive mushrooms growing on some damp, rotting wood. Soon there will be Camas blooming and Elderberries too.

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