Homestead Happenings 3/10/22

From now on, you will see the Homestead Blog in a slightly different format. I’m making it more like a Newsletter in having different sections to report on weekly. If there’s a section you don’t want to read, just skip it and move on to another. Headings include: Hair Sheep Updates, Garden Musings, and Woods Walk.. Please enjoy!

Hair Sheep Updates

Rosie still hasn’t lambed! I swear she is going to wait until the last possible due date. This has been her trend from the beginning. She will be getting culled as a result (having to cull for even minor stuff this year) as breeding season is going from 45 days down to 30-ish. I can’t have a late breeder in the flock.

This past week, one of Poppy’s Katahdin lambs managed to get his front leg caught in a hay feeder. Their little family is now locked in the barn for a while so he can heal. He is doing better every day and I imagine they won’t need to be locked up too much longer

Garden Musings

I have recently signed up for a couple classes. One on Permaculture and one on Mushroom Farming. I literally JUST started listening to the Permaculture one on Wednesday and am eager to go out to the orchard to see how the ground lays and make some plans.

The raised beds are going to get a makeover this week and hopefully I can get those silly Peas planted before the weekend too!

The Walking Onions found a home under a fenced in Blue Spruce tree. Live or not, I’m not too worried. The Leeks were harvested, ate the small ones in pasta, big ones will get frozen.

Thinking of putting down some cardboard to kill the weeds in the beds I’m not using for peas. We’ll do better about mulching with straw this season too. Keeps the water in and weeds out a lot more. Less work for me!

Woods Walk

Sunday, Shane, Morganna and I took the dogs, Mollie and Huckleberry for a walk down to the creek. It was cool but a beautifully sunny day! Found some neat rocks in the creek and took some pictures of the woods around us too.

See you next Friday, March 18th for the full moon edition of Homestead Happenings!

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