One More Set of Lambs & Cold Weather

This past week saw temps only getting into the 30’s for highs and lows down into the upper teens. Unusually cold for us here in NW Oregon. Thankfully it only lasted a few days. Cover photo was taken last Monday night after strawing the barn right before the cold hit.
In the middle of it though were a nice set of twins!

Thursday, 2/24/22

1st time mama! Registered Katahdin ewe, Aster, had 12lb ram and 8lb ewe lambs out of Registered Katahdin ram, Chief. Pretty good for a first time!

Registered St Croix ewe, Rosie is still holding out on us! Her poor belly is hanging so low and she’s walking so stiff I feel bad for her! It’s got to be any day!

So far we have 30 lambs out of 17 ewes and no losses. This puts us at 177% lambing. Once we’re finished lambing, I will break it down by breed and sex of lambs and post it in the blog.

Our “free” Ranch Manager program crashed on the computer, and in order to get it back, I need to pay $150 for the license. I’ve lost access to all the records in there unfortunately. I was able to do a lambing spreadsheet at the least however. I also always write on the back door calendar when we have babies AND go through our Facebook page posts. Once I have the money, I’ll probably pay the license fee as I really like the format of the program.

On another note, I filmed the lambs using the creep pen so folks could see how it works.
You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy creep panels:

See you all next week!

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