What Do You Include in a Sale?

Some folks sell an animal, take the money, maybe give a receipt and move on. Not us!

All this pictured is in one sale with a customer (in this instance I’m selling an older Registered St Croix Ram).

From Left to Right:

  • 3 business cards (they can keep one and pass out the others this way)
  • Lab report showing biosecurity screen results and any DNA results. All adult animals we sell get a Biosecurity screen before sale which helps me out with my 10% flock testing to keep a clean flock as well.
  • Printout from Ranch Manager showing birth info, vaccination/foot trim/worming history as well as pedigree and offspring info. (Registered animals I hold onto their registration and do the transfer to the new owners at my own cost).
  • Recipe Booklet, nutritional info on lamb from the American Lamb Board which you can get for free!
  • Ranch Brochure to talk about what we raise and the benefits of the animals we raise.
  • Receipt showing any deposits left and payment by what method.

In my opinion, when you give them so much info AND offer to be available if they have further questions down the road, you have done terrific customer service. People appreciate the effort you make and remember you. This is also how you make repeat customers. Quality animals and great customer service.

What do you include in the sales of your animals?

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