New Blood

We bought these nice triplet Registered St Croix ewe lambs out of a Bennett ram (bloodlines I’ve been after for quite a while). Born 3/23/21. Can’t wait to have them in the breeding rotation next year!!

This 5 year old Registered Katahdin ewe was given to us. Hope to get some nice babies with our Registered Katahdin ram, Chief.

Breeding season starts August 8th. Our new Registered St Croix ram, Luke, will have 8 Registered St Croix ewes this season. Really hoping for lots of ewe lambs! Registered Katahdin ram, Chief, will have 5 Registered Katahdin ewes, 4 Recorded Katahdin ewes, and 2 unpapered Katahdin ewes. The Recorded and Unpapered ewes offspring will be in the upgrade program. Recorded Katahdin ram lamb, Crichton, will have 2 Registered Katahdin ewes also for upgrading his bloodline.

Lambs will be due starting January 2, 2022. Let us know if you want to be on the waiting list for lambs by emailing us HERE.

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