Homestead Happenings 12/16/22

Pictured: Sunrise this chilly morning!

Calendars Still Available!

I have a few calendars still available!
They are $18 plus shipping (runs about $8-9 in the USA).
Please send me a message below for payment options.

Sheep Adventures

We are officially a week away from lambing season! Morgan and I spent Wednesday afternoon cleaning some of the 12×24 sort pen. We almost got halfway done! That’s a lot of old hay and manure! I have to go out and work on it without my helper, planning to finish it this coming weekend. The 12×24 sort pen will become a 12×12 social pen and the rest will be added to Lamb Alley for a total of 6 jug pens and the alley way in front of them. For more info on our barn setup, please check out Barn Setup for Lambing Season and also Breeding & Lambing Season Process.
I mentioned Leggings was in the barn being treated for possible pregnancy toxemia or milk fever. Here’s my post from Facebook:

RIP Leggings. She was a colored Registered St Croix ewe, almost 10 years old. She went down quickly after treatments for pregnancy toxemia and milk fever failed. Turns out she was getting poisoned from lambs that had died within her. It all happened so fast there was nothing I could do. Very sad circumstances.

All the rest of the ewes seem to be doing okay though. Leggings may have been hit wrong while eating hay with the others, or she just was stressed in some way. Never know. Looking forward to seeing what babies we get though from the rest of the flock! The blog will be full of baby pictures when they start happening.

Chicken & Garden News

We’re still getting anywhere from 9-12 eggs a day, though I do see some signs of molting happening in the chicken flock. Predominantly Medium, Large, and Extra Large Eggs. We’ve been getting some Extra Small eggs lately too so I’m wondering if some of the Swedish Flower Hens are just now starting to lay for the first time. Works for us! We eat the oddball sizes and sell the rest usually. If you’re local, and want some eggs, please feel free to message us below!

Not much to report in the garden this week. I did notice how well the chickens have been scratching the ground where the summer garden extension is going to be. The carrots are suffering from the frost so will need to go out and pull them up to see if there are any edible sizes out there. I think I may have to move some straw off the onions though as some seem to be rotting. Lesson learned! The Kale looks good though.

Christmas Tree is decorated!

Morgan and I worked on getting the tree finished decorated on Sunday last weekend. The weather was crappy outside so we spent it inside getting this done instead! Our theme is Green & Gold this year, though we had to use our silver star as we didn’t have a gold tree topper. We also found some twinkle lights to wrap up the tree (we need a lot more!). Morganna, Connie, Shane and I all have our own Stockings this year too. Made a change of spending less on each other and gaining the surprise of the stockings!

Wise Woman Musings

Don’t forget to head on over the Crystal Caves Wise Woman on Facebook or Instagram to see the latest reading for the Last Quarter Moon today! I’m slow getting it done this am so look for it closer to noon!

As always I appreciate all the likes, follows, and subscribes from everyone as well! You’ll find links below to all of the Hollow Hills Ranch and Crystal Caves Wise Woman Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels. Please be sure to follow my blog down there as well!

Next blog post will be for the New Moon, Friday, December 23rd.
See you then!

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